Monday, April 6, 2009

Round Top Texas Antique Show-- April 2009


My sister, Brenda, and I took a 3 day trip to Round Top, Texas where an Antique Show is the focus not only in Round Top but surrounding towns and outline areas. Having 3 days sounds like a lot of time, but no, we had just gotten started when it was time to go home. The thing is, we ran out of funds. Man! that is always what holds me back! Here we are leaving. Out truck was empty! She took the pictures of it full when we returned. I don't have copies of those yet, but when I do, I will do an update. You won't believe it!!We stayed at the Knittle Inn Bed and Breakfast in a nearby town of Burton. We booked really early as it is very very tough to get a room during the show. I didn't take a picture of the Main house--but be sure and go their website and CHECK IT OUT! Great place to stay! We stayed at a house on the property that was moved in. It it an old farm house that was literally cut in half to be moved to it's present location. Completely redone, it is now 5 rooms for guests, each with it's own bath and a communal sitting room. The front porch is fantastic complete with rocking chairs.

This is Washington House. It gives new meaning to "We'll leave the light on for ya".
Let's go in and see what we got!

This is our bedroom. No need to say more. It's the Flora Room--a floral focus--very girly!
This pillow is made of vintage needlework and hankies.

Great TUB!!

I thought it was very creative to use an old door and a short rod to make a closet area for guests.

This collage of vintage laces, trims, needlework, postcards, and ribbons is in the hallway.

This is the walk to the Main house that we took for breakfast. You can see Washington House in the background and their Antique Shop on the right.

Carmen and Steve set a beautiful table and the breakfast was different on two days. Egg casserole, bacon, sausage, tiny cinnamon rolls, fruit cups. It was really great and served at
8:30 am.
We found this darling see-saw made with tractor seats and painted in John Deere colors. Bren just had to try it out and we commented that kids don't play on them anymore--

A couple of antique Easter Rabbits!

And this is PETER!!

The Sandwich Shoppe where we ate on the first day there made a great tuna salad, but the bathroom was what I liked. Look at this sink area. The handle in front turned on the water and it came out the the antique water pump. I love this. Too cool!

The famous Royer Cafe--Round Top version. We did not eat there as an entree is around 30-35 bucks. Needed it for "stuff". Also you had to have a reservation. They are also known for their pies. They looked so good. They also sold them on the street by the piece. I should have taken a picture--sorry-Here is their menu! And What will you have today, Madam----

I bought this TEXAS door from a girl from NORTH CAROLINA! Crazy stuff, I know. But I loved it. I could not leave it there. Now you know where most of my money went.

I took a few pictures of booths. This one was of a place where you could be outfitted in lacy, gauzy early American type wear. The girls looked so so cute. You all may know all about this, but I didn't.

This booth was nothing but early Carnival wares. Cute stuff and brought back so many memories.

Of Course, we had to stop and browse at every plant place. Bren is a plant lover. I am too, but she more.

On the way home I took a couple pictures of the ultimate plants. Wildflowers, so beautiful.

The Texas Blue Bonnets were just gorgeous. The picture does not do them justice.

I hope you enjoyed posting #1 of our trip. I still haven't shown you the quilts or my other purchases. Yes, I found vintage rick rack and embroidery patterns. I can't wait to show you. But for now, tomorrow is another day. I am tired of this one. See you tomorrow. You must think about going with us next year. It was a blast! Hey, the upstairs room at Washington House has more beds and they are singles. Maybe not enough for ALL of you, but we could lay out some pallets! LOL



Pat said...

What a FUN trip! Can't wait to see your purchases.

Kathy said...

Oh Man! I'm so jealous!!! I know you and Brenda are having a great sister time. I LOVE THAT TEXAS DOOR! Can't wait to see where you put it.

Have fun my friend.

W. Latane Barton said...

As I was looking at your blog I found this post and had to comment.

My daughter and her husband lived in Ledbetter for several years and she was the secretary for the director of Festival Hill. She loved Festival Hill and misses working there. She often talked of the antique show. Glad you got to visit it and give us a look at it, too.

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