Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stitchery Journey, Part 2

Oh my--I am so sorry!  I never intended to be two weeks between posts but life does get in my way.  I am not sure at this moment that I am ready to post "Part 2" but thinking I might make it happen.  

Steps of construction are very important.  When I don't have a pattern before me, I can easily get ahead of myself and be sorry as I must unsew.  This is not a word to anyone but me? Spellcheck certainly does not recognize it but you and I know it happens.  I decided the next step would be the quilting but I couldn't decide to quilt all 3 layers (top, batting , and backing or lining) because I will be attaching not only the doily with the Stitchery to the top, but plan on adding more embroidery and possibly buttons and ribbons and a closure.  I decided to stipple quilt the top to the batting --attach the doily with Stitchery, embroider and add buttons and then add the lining.  On the lining I will add pockets suitable for my embroidery threads and a couple of wool booklets to keep extra loose threads and needles.  The last step will be to attach the front and lining together with the binding.  Not to worry if you don't get it at this point.  
The picture above is the process of stippling the front and lining.  Stippling is fun to me but I'm sure there may be some of you who have a big ? On your forehead right about now so let me if that's the case, just quilt in some way with straight lines.  About 3 rows side to side will be great!  Get this done before my Part 3.  You and I both know you have plenty of time ! 😜

Remember that I trimmed my Stitchery to the size I wanted for it to fit in the middle of my doily.  I decided to frame it with a piece of my lining fabric.  I used Heat and Bond light to adhere them together and to the doily.  Then came some of the most fun!  Choosing embroidery threads and stitches.  As you can see I   auditioned many colors then decided on black.  It's kinda like outlining a coloring page.  Black just made everything pop.

The stitch is the controversial Buttonhole/Blanet stitch.  Love it for edge stitching.

I'm pleased with finished look.  There are many stitches that could be used.  Try something new--Make It Your Own.  That's my motto.

In case you get ready for more before I return, I want to get you started on the inside pockets.  From my extra front fabric I cut a couple of strips 4 1/2 inches wide.

Fold them in half and press.  The pockets will go on each end of the lining.  This will be a great opportunity to use some kind of trim. I'm partial to antique lace and tatting but hey-vintage rick rack would be precious too!  Here I have pinned them in place but I  did not trim them.  I will be unpinning to apply my choice of trim. You can prepare your strips with trim and pin them in place and more instruction will be in part 3. Just wait to trim them.  Trust me!

The above pic show you better how I left them.

I have been working on my pin cushion for the middle but things did not work out the way I wanted so it will present itself in part 3.  I will tell you that crushed walnut shells are great for pincushion fill.  I got a huge bag for $10 on Amazon.  Questions can be ask in the comments although I don't have any proof that anyone is reading this much less actually following along with me...... 😁
Doesn't matter--I'm having all the fun!!!



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Needle Book ---The Journey Begins ---As Promised--Part 1

I promised a few weeks ago I would take you on a designing journey---step by step--one that I, myself, don't know how will turn out. The day is here!  Pattern design is a process that turns an idea  into a real tangible, in my hands, something.  My Stitchery ideas hardly ever turn out the same as my original thought.  Most of the time, BETTER!
Today we start with my choice of a doily, two coordinating fabrics,  and a finished piece of embroidery.  The embroidery is my inspiration.  I can either start with fabric in mind and match the colors I use to the chosen fabric or start with a finished stitched piece and find fabrics to match.  Fabrics chosen can be one or more than one. Personally I love the more the better.  More makes the piece exciting and fun!  If you use several fabrics where colors coordinate but are different in pattern and size of motif, you get a finished product that people can't keep their eye off of because each time their eye sees one thing of cuteness, it must travel to another.  I've excited myself, so let's get started.  Supplies for this project are just suggestions and can be changed in any number of ways.  Just use this as a jumping off point.  Make this your own project, not a copy of mine. 

You need a small doily of your choice.  Any will do.  Purchased or made.  Vintage doilies are my favorite!  Each one gives a unique opportunity for design.

  1.  I folded the doily and a piece of freezer paper twice then pinned them together at the corner to make my pattern.  

2.  This step requires a decision--how much larger than my doily so I want the surrounding fabric?  I have chosen an approximate inch plus 1/4 inch to account for the edge binding.  (We will talk about that later but still just add 1/4 inch to whatever width of fabric you decide to add).
I eyeballed it!
3.  Layer your top and bottom fabrics together with a thin batting in the middle.  My picture does not show the batting as I forgot I could cut all three at the same time.  sorry  Press the shiny side of the freezer paper in place then cut around your pattern.

Remove the freezer paper pattern.  Notice that my top and bottom fabrics are different! smile

4.  I have decided that my new needle book will be a tri-fold.  The reason being is that my stitched embroidery dictates that.  I am now auditioning my idea with the placement of the embroidery.
 I used Heat and Bond Lite to adhere my embroidery to a piece of fabric that will set it off because the background and the doily are about the same color.  Then again use Heat and Bond Lite to adhere the piece to the doily.

This is the end of part 1. I have some more decisions to make before we meet again.   I will give you some time to get your stuff together and get started and then we will resume.  

I love you guys and GOD loves you too.  See you soon!



Sunday, September 17, 2017

Evolution Made Manifest

Life, with it's twists and turns has stopped me from my best intentions toward my blogging buddies.  Pops has to have another surgery.  This time, hopefully, the last.  The metal plate that was placed to hold his new jaw bone in position (after cancer removal) has done it's job and will now be removed.  The screw is actually showing and infection is a real threat so---here we go again.  Next Thursday is the day.  I just really feel that this is the final step to recovery and am actually looking forward to having it done and finished.  Thank you for all your thoughts and kind remarks and certainly prayers.

My needle book love has grown to three and number 4 is about to begin.  I promised that I would post one in sequence so that you could watch along with me so, that time has come.

 But first, let me introduce you to book #3.  My love of vintage everything is the focus.  Such fun I had choosing coordinating fabrics, then matching the embroidery threads to the fabrics, then making the decisions on what laces would be added, then buttons, then ribbon closures.

This one sports a different look and style.  It's actually an armchair caddy in that it will serve as a holder for all the necessary instruments and needs of my (or your) latest project.

As you open it, you notice that the closure is a ribbon attached to the back in proper position so that when tied into a bow,  an opening above the bow is left large enough to slip over the button on the front and cause the closure.

  Pockets on each side hold threads and threaders.
  The cushion along the center holds pins and needles.  I used crushed walnut shells to fill it and added antique lace on each end to make it more inviting to the eye! ---EYE CANDY!

I used to own a very good camera that I used for all my blogging.  That camera was stolen.  All I have now is my Iphone camera.  I thought that it would be great to use it and be able to blog from  my phone, but I notice that my pics are just not nearly as good a quality as I am use to.  I am thinking about purchasing myself a new camera.  If you have any thoughts on this particular subject or any other, please leave them in the comments.  I would appreciate your opinion.

This has been a wonderful day for me and my family as our pew was full and we worshiped together and sang songs of praise to God together this morning and then we gathered together with our Church family for lunch and fellowship.

I made a layered salad, which was a success and completely gone when lunch was over.  Pinterest holds many Layered Salad recipes.  I did not chose just one, but made mine by example and used the items I had on hand.  Thought you might like to see it.  This and a German Chocolate chip Pound Cake with my mothers fudge sauce was almost more than I could bear not to completely devour before I got it to the Church!!  😋

As I close, I want to say tell you that I will post again in the next day or two with the first pics of my newest needle book, stitchery case, or whatever you choose to call my creations.  A differest shape?
YES!  A different style?   YES!  But as you know, they evolve, so even I don't know just how it will look in the end.

Hope your Sunday afternoon and evening are Blessed!!

Giving God all the Glory!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

CAUTION!! Reading this post has the potential to cause a complete addiction to vintage laces and tattings! You could begin to find yourself constantly searching for them and even dreamily daydreaming about them!

I am blessed with an abundance of vintage lace that belonged to my husbands great grandmother. It was made late 1800's-early 1900's. Some is obviously very used and some never attached to a garment or apron or doily.

 There are yards of tatting which is awesome as it seems to be perfect for each project looking for perfection!

 I even couldn't resist using tatting on my personal journal front!  Do you see it?

A few more eye candy shots of my stash from the past.  I love it all and even have trouble using it sometimes.  But I have decided that using it up is the best way to preserve it.

Keep your eyes open and your money handy and pick up some history, some pieces from someone else's past.  Feel the beauty of years gone by.

Scripture for the day---
But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.  Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. Luke 6:35

Still Stitching!

Maybe I've found an app that will work for blogging from my IPhone.  We will see---here goes!  It's called Easy Blog.  If your reading this post you'll know I'm happy with it--  UPDATE--No way to post pics.  But at least I can work on the post and then add the pics later when I can get to my computer.   
Texas weather in August can usually be described one way---HOT!  But this August has been extremely more enjoyable with cooler temperatures and small and large showers every few days.  Today  it's 96 and surely hot but at least it's not 100.  Love the grandsons getting out and playing baseball in the backyard in the rain. Laughing and giggling!  I sit and stitch and listen and watch--♥️

Here's my stitching basket that I keep by my chair.  It's filled with all my supplies--a small pillow that my mother made I use in my lap to lay my work on.  Also embroidery books for inspiration, patterns and stitch diagrams.  Then the best part---- the thread! 

I use DMC, Cosmos, Finca, and wool thread by Aurifil. I also have some hand dyed that are slightly varigated.   I have enjoyed trial and error stitching with different combinations of number of threads with different stitches.  Blog hopping gives me ideas of how others have been successful with their embroidery.  Jenny at Elefantz uses a stablizer on the back of her design projects to stiffen the fabric and make it easier to get a finished project with no puckering.  This is because she does not use a hoop.  I ordered some from Amazon and love it.  I used it for this project---my latest finished project, a needle  book and pin keeper made from a vintage doily.  This is based on a pattern from Elefantz.  Go Here to find it.

In case you've forgotten what it looks like


Here's my second Stitchery book.  I have a little book called Bare Roots.  The author used a thin batting on the back of her work saying it gives a puffed or quilted look to it.  So I am trying this method to see how I like it.  It looks like this when laid out flat.  I have not pressed it at all.  I lack a few French Knots but I do have to admit that I love the look they give.  I used 3 strands of floss on this piece for most of the work except for the smallest motifs and then I used 2.  Seems like the batting backing warrented it.


How I do love to see the beauty of a piece emerges as you make each stitch.  Then  you begin to think
you are about finished and the fun begins when you search for and add the final vintage add-ons--tatting, rick-rack, lace, pearl buttons  This is my favorite part!!
So I am auditioning a denim colored button.  In the center of the heart? or at the top?  what do you think?  Ill be back with the finished project.---

 I've organized all my vintage laces and doilies.  I'll be back in a day or five and show you what I have.  Please vote for button placement in the comments below.  May God Bless and Keep you as close as needle is to thread.  He loves you, you know!  And so do I--Until next time--


Monday, July 31, 2017

Sew Enjoyed the Trip!!

Just like a good book that turns out to be one that you can't put it down--so it was with the latest project--  You never know at the beginning--but this one just kept getting better.  Ideas kept popping into my head and it kept evolving into so much more than I had first envisioned.  I introduced you guys to Jenny at Elefantz.  There is a button on the top right side of my blog. I joined her Stitchery Club and received some awesome designs but the project that has given me such pleasure is FREE!  Go to her tutorial and look for a needle book made from a vintage doily.

My doily was too large or at least larger than the one she used, but now that it is finished, I love the size.  I think the most fun I had during this whole project was looking and choosing vintage lace, buttons and trims and also the finding of ways to add my essentials and making each page a surprising adventure.
I chose a proverb that I learned in elementary school for a meaningful slogan as I open my Stitchery
Every morning we would say the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and each child would have to say some Proverb as we showed that our hands were clean to start the day.  I am sure I learned more from this than I will ever realize.  Others I remember were--A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, Two wrongs don't make a right, The squeaky wheel gets the grease---Waste not, want not, and oh so many more.  I put a pleat in a rectangle of fabric and gathered the top edge for a pocket to hold my thimble.  The red leather pouch holds a tiny scissor.  It is held in place with a ribbon.  these particular scissors I LOVE as that are so tiny, yet the fingers holes are not.  They are sharp and short and perfect for clipping thread ends and tails.
The next "page" is the place for all things sharp and sticky (needles and pins) and threads that will be used for whatever projects you are currently working on.
Each page presents a joyful place for the eye to rest.  The little lady bug button makes me smile.
I chose for the back a signature and the year that the Stitchery Keep was made.  I keep thinking that someday maybe a grandchild or great-grandchild-- (or possibly even more generations will look at this hand made piece and wonder what I was like.  I hope it gives them a clue.
At least it will show them how I signed my name.  Who knows what the future brings but I wonder from time to time what my great great grandparents were like.   Don't you?

Well, my next one is already in my head and heart.  My favorite flower is Sunflower so I have already stitched one of Jenny's designs and picked out some perfect fabrics for it.  What do you think?
My plan is to post all through the project so that you kinda get the feel for the process.  Papa has to get his cancer antibody treatment tomorrow and see his surgeon so I won't get much done.  Have patience!  See ya soon!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Vintage Embroidery by Me! I'm Old!

Yep!  It's true!  I'm old enough to have actually stitched vintage embroidery.  Makes me cringe and then I remember that I'm still alive! ~smile~
I've been stitching as long as I can remember!  Yes, I can still remember! LOL  This is the latest of the old.  The pattern was a gift from a friend and thinking I stitched it about 15 years ago.  It's a fun pattern and there were patterns for each month of the year.  Ima May---

The two below are pieces that I did as a child.  My mom taught me to embroider, sew and quilt. Of course, I learned all the other things that girls of the 50s and 60 learned--cooking, cleaning, babysitting, in preparation of becoming a wife and mother.  The things that would help the wife to make her house a home.  These were years that were closely tied to the previous years when these tasks were ALL that were learned by young girls.  Of course, by then I was also taught in school to read, write, mathmatics, sciences, along with music.
It tickles me to know that the hand/machine skills of embroidery, sewing,and quilting although they are not needed this day and time, but certainly they are enjoyed.  Instead of being considered a skill, they are a talent and only done by those who enjoy them.  I am certainly one of these.

Holly Hobbie--she is the faceless girl that followed in the footsteps of Sunbonnet Sue.  My mother made two Sunbonnet Sue quilts and I have published many posts about her.  If your interested just search my blog and you will find more than  you care to read about I  am sure.

My newest fun is vintage sewing machines.,  I will be posting some of my adventures soon.


15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body (body of Christ) you were called to peace. And be thankful. 16 Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit (who lives in your heart as a child of God), singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. 17 And whatever you do,whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

If you believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  That He was born and died and raised from the dead as a perfect sacrifice for your sins then you are His and you live your life for Him.  He takes care of you and you can live in peace each day as you strive to live a life in thankfulness for what He has done for you. I am so thankful for all He has done in my life.  He is my Savior!!  He saved me from my sin and death!  When I leave this earth, I will still live!  Just as He did.


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