Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Loving the Process!

I told you all about 52 week Quilt Block Challenges that got me excited about making blocks HERE.  I am still "LOVING THE PROCESS"!  I almost always go "scrappy" with any quilt, but this time I decided to make my Glying Geese blocks scrappy but stay in the same color range within the block.  Pieces as small as 2 inches can be worked into a block!  It's awesome.  I have been cutting and sorting fabrics into color stacks and auditioning blocks within the blocks, not sewing them together until I absolutely love the way they look.  I have 5 Flying Geese blocks finished, but larger and smaller half squares and fabrics for many many more half squares cut and ready to be sewn together.  

 This is my January group--------one each in brown, green, rust, blue, and gold.

 Here is my sewing machine table with pink sets being auditioned and 2 1/2 inch squares ready to be sewn into half squares.  Making sure no fabric that I don't absolutely love goes into each block.  I had to search for pinks that I would use to put into a quilt as I am not a pink lover.  Ten more blocks to be caught up with this challenge then on to the

 CAKE STAND blocks.  I have this darling wicker basket where they will soon be piling up!!

 I have the pieces cut and bagged--enough for 14 more blocks which will be thru March.

And last but certainly not least, is the Quilted Moose Quilt Shop 2019 ---9 inch double 9 Patch block.
All I have done for this one is cut strips.  All scrappy blue, I can't wait until their turn to go to the sewing machine table.

Here is my stash of cut pieces to use for scrap quilts.  I cut different sizes of squares from scraps instead of throwing them away.  This stash has really come in handy for these challenges.  This triple decker stacker is a Christmas Ornament storage box.  You need one!!!

This is the reason I have not gotten  all my challenges done!   This quilt has been in a box waiting to get a finishing touch.  It finally got it.  My grandmother made a Burgoyne Surrounded.  I wanted to experience making one for that reason.  It was an experience.  Let me just say I am glad it is finished.

Love to all my quilting friends (if you are still out there)!

Have a great week!!!  BE BLESSED!



swooze said...

Ornament container...great idea!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt top! I like your blocks. I'm not good with scrappy, but, I'm trying.

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