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This is a continuation of yesterday's post. My Vintage Embroidery purchases from my trip to Round Top, Texas Antique Show.
I wish I had a picture of the booth where I made my big purchase. Remember that I was with my sister who is a non quilter. I did have her cued into looking for rick rack, but the embroidery patterns?---not so much. I found this booth that had alot of vintage sewing/quilting stuff. I spent some time going through a box of patterns, and then I casually told Bren to go ahead and look around without me as I was going to be awhile. She relented to that and left. I finally gathered my hand full of rick rack and some patterns and took them to the lady owner of the booth. As she began to add up my purchases, I casually ask her if she would just price the whole box for me. (I decided I couldn't leave them) I said that I had no idea that I could afford it, but----she commented that I might be surprised. She took a walk over to the sewing area and glanced through the patterns. Her price was $20. I took it. I got so much more than I knew I was getting. See the purchases below. I may really have some prize patterns. I have gone through them, but have not compared them to what other large collectors on line have.

My Vintage Rick Rack finds. (there's more but I was ashamed to bring them out).

A How To Book from Workbasket--Instruction for Crochet, Knitting, Embroidery, Smocking, Huck Weaving, Needlepoint, Rug Making, Hemstitching, Making Hairpin Lace, Tatting, Netting, how to make twisted cording, Trapunto Quilting, and more. Copyright 1954

A complete let of embroidery patterns for a "State Birds Quilt" and a "State Flowers Quilt".

All the patterns and the directions are here with no envelope.

One of the pattern sheets.

A package of about 10 sheets of transfer sheets from Artex. I have no idea how old they are but they are for fabric painting. No Copyright date.

I love this! A free Party Apron pattern given by The Quaker Oats Co. Probably stuck down in the box of Oatmeal.

Two 1950's Apron Patterns from McCalls.

A Very Very Old design from Ladies Home Journal.

Three Aunt Martha's from Old to Oldest.

Three Laura Wheeler Designs

Two Holly Hobbie Designs that I have bid on in Ebay several times and didn't get them.

Darling older Simplicity Children's patterns. These will make some precious Baby Quilts.

Sorry I didn't rotate this one---A McCalls 50's

A couple of Vogarts. I wish I could share these!

A Walker's

Vintage Cars--5 patterns on one sheet with instructions included on the sheet. Anyone have an idea who made this one?

This one is by Kate Marchbanks and is a Duck Pattern. I have never heard of her, have you?
The rest are in the large collection of folded patterns. About half of them are from
Workbasket. I can tell by the way they are folded and the fact that they have staple holes from where they were stapled into the middle of the magazine.

The rest look like this when folded.

Here is one unfolded.

All the instruction begins with ----"This pattern is DIFFERENT. It will give several stampings if directions are followed. Try the test design by using it printed side down on a piece of material placed on your ironing board. Cover all with tissue or paper to protect cloth."
Well girls--I will have to figure out the best way to share these patterns. Either thru my blog, a new blog, or give them to someone who specializes in posting vintage patterns to post for me. This collection is too extensive to keep a lid on. This is another day that I am tired of. More on a new day. Good Night~~~~~~~



Pat said...

Oh, my GOODNESS...you did WONDERFULLY well with that buy, Molly. I am impressed with what you have already shown and can't wait to see more!

Carlotta said...

Goodness Gracious!! You hit the big time with that purchase. I love the Holly Hobby applique most of all. Then the apron patterns are too cool as well. I would be like you, unable to leave it there.
~Tootles for now!

Susannah said...

I am new to your blog but I had to chirp in....You hit the jackpot with the box of wonderful patterns. Think of all the stitchin' you can do. What a great find!


Kathy said...

OMG! You hit the mother load! woo hoo! I'm sew happy for you.

teri said...

oh how I am ENVIOUS!!!! What an amazing find you lucky girl! Also wanted to let you know ow much I love your blog and the music with it.I'm a true blue sunbonnet lover so look forward to your sundays.cheers teri in Australia

Betweens said...

oh what a find!! I love all the vintage redwork patterns and just found where I had stored mine..you know that secret safe place...LOL. I love that last one with all the detail looks like it can be applique as well..

W. Latane Barton said...

found your comment on my Journey through Alzheimers blog and tried to figure out how to email you but wasn't successful. So, hope you see this.

I am sad anytime I hear of anyone else dealing with such a terrible disease. It isn't easy and you are into this about the same time I have been. God bless you for your love and caring.

I had not found your blog before but it is really neat and I will be back often. Have a happy Easter.

Carol said...

I think you made a wonderful purchase!!! I hope you find a way to share these patterns. I would love to be able to make some of them.

Anonymous said...


I know about the Kate Marchbanks patterns. My sister and I own the company that made them about 50 years ago or so. The name changed to Reader Mail and now it is called Patterncentral. We have put iron on transfers into workbasket magazine for years

The vintage or old car pattern is one of ours as well.

What a great find you have

Happy stitching


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