Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue Sunday #15

Round Top Texas--a giant outdoor Art/Craft/Junk weekend. My sister and I went and I took pictures of several Sunbonnet Ladies and Little Girls that I found. Below is an embroidered apron.

Then this is a portrait style lady--isn't she beautiful?

This was a spread. It seems to be painted on Chimis? It was absolutely beautiful. She was displayed hanging on a wall with twinkle lights behind the see through fabric.
This is just a typical simple SBS.
As is this--with lovely fabrics and more detail and embroidery. This was a 4 block wall hanging and was priced at almost $200.

This little girl has a face, but I think she is just precious and unusual. I have not seen her before, have you?

Pat was gracious enough to allow us to see a recent SBS project that she finished as a result of a class. The pattern used: Umbrella Girls by Betty Alderman. I so appreciate Pat taking the time to contribute to my now monthly SBS posts. She has been a loyal patron to my site. The quilt graces her sewing room and rightly sew! It is a jewel and a constant reminder of Sue's quilt status and of Pat's quilting talent. Please visit A Little of This and a Little of Pat and I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Mom's April block--Well, just as the typical month of April - Mom's SBS block depicts it's reputation for being wet.
Sue started her morning by picking out the prettiest dress she had in her boudoir. You see, Spring is in the air and Sue is ready for a day of the outdoors and plenty of Sunshine. Mother warned her that rain is expected, but Sue is absolutely certain that she is wrong. No rain this day as it is her special day. A walk in the park will result in her meeting of her beau, Bill. BUT WAIT! A few drops are starting to fall. Good thing she wore her Bonnet!!!
Happy Sunbonnet Sue Sunday to you. I did not yet have time to finish this post. I wanted to post a few patterns from Mom's vintage magazines that I feel I can share with you. I will post them next week. My trip and the weekend has caused me to be behind. Of course I have had an entire month, but if it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done. Thanks for visiting and be sure to sign up for the free magazine subscription, followers!!!



Julia said...

Beautiful SB's ...I love the umbrella girls.... well, I love them all.
Julia ♥

Pat said...

I love how you provide us with such a variety of "Sue's". Thanks for all the time you put into doing that (and thanks for the plug on my blog and for using my hand-quilted umbrella girls this month)!

Rhonda said...

Hi Molly, I love your history and pictures of SBS. It is really neat to know what's behind the blocks that we love. Take care.

CC said...

Yayyyyy, keep it up with the Sues..she's the sweetest little one ever. The pretty girl with the hat is in a series. I love theie sweet faces..and their hats.

Kathy Kelley said...

I just Love LuLu.
She is the mascot. Like your Blog as it is warm and wonderful, all of the goodies that I love as country girl whose grandparents and great grandparents farmed in Shamrock\Lela Texas, once upon a long time ago!
Kathy Kelley

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