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Sometimes, the artistic side of me is so slow.  Seems I just think about it so much more that I do it--
But the thinking part is the part that makes me put myself into a project I guess.  I come from a long line of seamstresses/quilters.  I know it's a God given talent.  It's a yearning to make my life and my family's life something special.  It's more than decorative, more than cute, more than pretty, more than useful.  It's making something that no one else would make exactly the same way.

When I left you, I was doing the decorative work on the front of my Needle Book.  All stitching that needed to be done before the back was added so that back stitches could be hidden from view safely between the front and the back. 
 My next step was to add the back or inside background fabric---my canvas for useful additions and beauty to look upon as I (or someone else) stitch.  I decided that sense the back could not be quilted together with the front that I would attach it with Steam-a-Seam Lite.  It's the same sticky backed fusible web that I have showed you before.  You cut out your shape, It sticks to your fabric.  You peel off the backing paper leaving the fusible web.  Then you press it to whatever you wish.  It's lite so it leaves everything as would be without it.  No thickness and is still bendable and flexible.
Because the top had been quilted there was a small difference in the size.  I simply trimmed away the excess fabric of the back, then-------
 come the pocket ends.  The ones you were not to trim.  Remember those? 2 1/2 inch pieces of fabric folded in half.  As you can see, I chose an antique lace and stitched it along the folded edge.   Here they are still untrimmed.

  I laid them in place and pinned them to both ends.
 The binding will be the next step.  It will be attached sewing through several layers.  I decided that to keep all layers snugly together that I would stitch the corners just outside the stitching line so I could relax as I stitch the binding on. 

Guess What???  Now you can trim!  Above picture shows that we are ready for the binding! 
Cut 2 1/2 inch lengths of your choice of binding fabric.  Enough to go all the way around plus extra.   How much extra?  Hummmmm.   Honestly I just know that I cut at least an extra length.  The way I put my binding together uses up extra fabric, but makes it look so much nicer!
 This is the way you sew the pieces together.  Enlarge the pic so that you can see where to start sewing and where to finish.  It's the tiny V that forms from offsetting the fabrics as you lay them together.  You can draw a line or simply keep your eye on your destination.  I have learned that through the years.  It just works.  Keep your eye on where you are sewing to and you will sew straight there every time.  Go ahead--draw the line--I know you want to.  -smile-

Here you can see that I am sewing straight toward the V offset point.  My snips are pointing it out for you.
 If all is done as I instructed you when you straighten out your sewn pieces they ill be straight with a diagonal seam.  This distributes the bulk and your stitched on binding will be beautiful. 
 If all looks good, trim the seam to 1/4 inch. 
 Fold your long strip of binding in half and press it.  You can use some spray starch if you want to make it nice and crisp so it will hold it's shape.

 Here is what your diagonal seams should look like inside your pressed binding strips.
 It's time to stitch your binding on. Your can stitch it on the top or back.  I stitched to the back so my hand stitching would be on the front.  If your hand stitching is not so good you might want to machine stitch to the front. Stitch slowly and keep your seam at 1/4 inch. 

 I am now finished stitching the binding on, I have pressed it to the front and I will begin hand stitching the binding down on top.  I use a slip stitch.  Hiding your thread is the name of the game.
Go here if you need instruction.

Your first sneak peek of the finished product.  Next time we will be adding all the goodies to the inside.  I promise it won't be long as I am almost done.  I love the way the binding fabric frames the sunflower fabric.  It's a day in the country!!  If you haven't been sewing along with me and want to start now---do it--choose those fabrics that are "YOU".  Maybe you can catch up before the finale!  Your gonna love the ending.  It's the part that always gets me.  See ya soon, sweethearts!

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Rhonda said...

OMG Molly! You have made very clear instructions. Even I can make one of these. I think I'll try very soon. Two thumbs up!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute. Nice instructions, too.

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