Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stitchery Journey, Part 2

Oh my--I am so sorry!  I never intended to be two weeks between posts but life does get in my way.  I am not sure at this moment that I am ready to post "Part 2" but thinking I might make it happen.  

Steps of construction are very important.  When I don't have a pattern before me, I can easily get ahead of myself and be sorry as I must unsew.  This is not a word to anyone but me? Spellcheck certainly does not recognize it but you and I know it happens.  I decided the next step would be the quilting but I couldn't decide to quilt all 3 layers (top, batting , and backing or lining) because I will be attaching not only the doily with the Stitchery to the top, but plan on adding more embroidery and possibly buttons and ribbons and a closure.  I decided to stipple quilt the top to the batting --attach the doily with Stitchery, embroider and add buttons and then add the lining.  On the lining I will add pockets suitable for my embroidery threads and a couple of wool booklets to keep extra loose threads and needles.  The last step will be to attach the front and lining together with the binding.  Not to worry if you don't get it at this point.  
The picture above is the process of stippling the front and lining.  Stippling is fun to me but I'm sure there may be some of you who have a big ? On your forehead right about now so let me if that's the case, just quilt in some way with straight lines.  About 3 rows side to side will be great!  Get this done before my Part 3.  You and I both know you have plenty of time ! 😜

Remember that I trimmed my Stitchery to the size I wanted for it to fit in the middle of my doily.  I decided to frame it with a piece of my lining fabric.  I used Heat and Bond light to adhere them together and to the doily.  Then came some of the most fun!  Choosing embroidery threads and stitches.  As you can see I   auditioned many colors then decided on black.  It's kinda like outlining a coloring page.  Black just made everything pop.

The stitch is the controversial Buttonhole/Blanet stitch.  Love it for edge stitching.

I'm pleased with finished look.  There are many stitches that could be used.  Try something new--Make It Your Own.  That's my motto.

In case you get ready for more before I return, I want to get you started on the inside pockets.  From my extra front fabric I cut a couple of strips 4 1/2 inches wide.

Fold them in half and press.  The pockets will go on each end of the lining.  This will be a great opportunity to use some kind of trim. I'm partial to antique lace and tatting but hey-vintage rick rack would be precious too!  Here I have pinned them in place but I  did not trim them.  I will be unpinning to apply my choice of trim. You can prepare your strips with trim and pin them in place and more instruction will be in part 3. Just wait to trim them.  Trust me!

The above pic show you better how I left them.

I have been working on my pin cushion for the middle but things did not work out the way I wanted so it will present itself in part 3.  I will tell you that crushed walnut shells are great for pincushion fill.  I got a huge bag for $10 on Amazon.  Questions can be ask in the comments although I don't have any proof that anyone is reading this much less actually following along with me...... 😁
Doesn't matter--I'm having all the fun!!!



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