Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Needle Book ---The Journey Begins ---As Promised--Part 1

I promised a few weeks ago I would take you on a designing journey---step by step--one that I, myself, don't know how will turn out. The day is here!  Pattern design is a process that turns an idea  into a real tangible, in my hands, something.  My Stitchery ideas hardly ever turn out the same as my original thought.  Most of the time, BETTER!
Today we start with my choice of a doily, two coordinating fabrics,  and a finished piece of embroidery.  The embroidery is my inspiration.  I can either start with fabric in mind and match the colors I use to the chosen fabric or start with a finished stitched piece and find fabrics to match.  Fabrics chosen can be one or more than one. Personally I love the more the better.  More makes the piece exciting and fun!  If you use several fabrics where colors coordinate but are different in pattern and size of motif, you get a finished product that people can't keep their eye off of because each time their eye sees one thing of cuteness, it must travel to another.  I've excited myself, so let's get started.  Supplies for this project are just suggestions and can be changed in any number of ways.  Just use this as a jumping off point.  Make this your own project, not a copy of mine. 

You need a small doily of your choice.  Any will do.  Purchased or made.  Vintage doilies are my favorite!  Each one gives a unique opportunity for design.

  1.  I folded the doily and a piece of freezer paper twice then pinned them together at the corner to make my pattern.  

2.  This step requires a decision--how much larger than my doily so I want the surrounding fabric?  I have chosen an approximate inch plus 1/4 inch to account for the edge binding.  (We will talk about that later but still just add 1/4 inch to whatever width of fabric you decide to add).
I eyeballed it!
3.  Layer your top and bottom fabrics together with a thin batting in the middle.  My picture does not show the batting as I forgot I could cut all three at the same time.  sorry  Press the shiny side of the freezer paper in place then cut around your pattern.

Remove the freezer paper pattern.  Notice that my top and bottom fabrics are different! smile

4.  I have decided that my new needle book will be a tri-fold.  The reason being is that my stitched embroidery dictates that.  I am now auditioning my idea with the placement of the embroidery.
 I used Heat and Bond Lite to adhere my embroidery to a piece of fabric that will set it off because the background and the doily are about the same color.  Then again use Heat and Bond Lite to adhere the piece to the doily.

This is the end of part 1. I have some more decisions to make before we meet again.   I will give you some time to get your stuff together and get started and then we will resume.  

I love you guys and GOD loves you too.  See you soon!




Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

Thanks Cheryl! I'll be back shortly!

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