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Now that the basic stitchery book is finished, the fun part begins.  The inside should contain all the necessities that a stitcher needs to accomplish her stitching tasks.  It's fun to think about all possible ways to gain this very thing.  For this one, I chose a pincushion, a thimble holder, ribbon to attach your scissor, and a wool folder to hold needles (with no "ouch" factor).   I like to thread several needles in different colors of thread to be ready for use as I stitch.
So----from the day I gathered supplies and ideas~~~~~~~~It went from this:
 To this!  As you can see, I did not use all the initial choices.  I wish I could tell you the thrill it gives me to see the finished product and how different it is from the images I had in my mind.  I could never think of all the possibilities of the finished product from the very start.  Each addition spurs another and so on and so on.
The pincushion gave me the most problems.  I tried many ways to make it and many ways to attach it but in the end ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 the best way I found was to cover it.  I had a small walnut shell stuffed pin cushion that was just the right size.  I wrapped it in my chosen fabric, folded it and sewed the folded ends underneath, then stitched the ends down.  I wrapped the ends with antique lace and stitched it in at the same time --

This is the best pic I took of the pincushion placement and stitching.  Before I stitched I played with placement of other things.  Here I had placed a needle folder made of wool to the left and began to design the front of it.  The scissor keeper and thimble holder would be on the right.

For the thimble holder, I placed a piece of 1/2 inch wide elastic inside the fold of my chosen sunflower fabric and stitched closely to it using my zipper foot.  The length of fabric?  I did not measure, but made it plenty long to go around my thimble plus some.  Making first and trimming afterwards is always my motto.  Bigger and longer is easier to deal with.  I hope that makes sense. 

I stitched across one end (left pic) and pulled the other open end elastic (right pic-see the elastic peeking out?)  until I gathered it enough using my thimble as a guide.

When my length was right I trimmed the edge with pinking shears.   I stitched the two ends together leaving the seam to the outside and to stitch it to it's appropriate spot in the stitch book.
The addition of the thimble holder was a sort of challenge because it seemed to get lost on the "page" so to speak.  My solution became a sunflower where I added the thimble as part of it.  the stem and leaves are wool.  Embroidery stitch is buttonhole and the leaves have a chain stitch vein.  The sunflower is wooden.  You'll be surprised what you can find in your stash of stuff is you make up your mind not to buy one thing.  My stuff is awesome!! ~smile~

See how lost the thimble was looking?  Something cool had to be thought of.
Scissors--- I placed the ribbon in the place I thought appropriate and tacked it down enough to try it out.  I had to move it a time or two before I got it right.  Nothing much else to report about this--very simple.

The needle folder/holder is a great way to protect your needles from grabbing onto other things in your book.  Somehow seems they seem to do that if you don't enclose them some way.  Also, threads creep and crawl!

 AI small sign, hand stitched, announcing it's contents.  A button added for cuteness.  I had this darling birdhouse button that just seemed to scream, "USE ME, USE ME!  The pole is small vintage rick rack wrapped with green embroidery thread.  The edge needed definition so I accomplished that with large rick rack.

The little label is just a square of muslin and a hand written  message.  I used a fine point Pigma Pen, then stitched it down with a running stitch.  Ragged edge is my style.  Simple and ragged~~

 The closure is ribbon around a precious button.   Perfectly useful and a lovely final addition.


It's been such a pleasure doing this tutorial as I worked on a project I so totally enjoy!  I appreciate your close attention!  I appreciate your finding some part of my life to benefit you and your little section of the world.  JOY is something all of us seek.  Little things in life is where most of it comes from.  If you don't find JOY in small things, you may not find very much.  I find my total JOY comes from my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.  If you haven't found HIM, my prayer is that you will very soon. His Word says you will find him if you look for Him with all your heart, soul, and mind.  The place to look?  His Word--the Bible.  It is totally alive and will come alive in your inner most being, your soul.  He is life and brings life, Forever life which is where I find my JOY.  This world brings many many sorrows, but in the promises of Jesus Christ, I can still have ultimate hope and JOY!  If I don't come back before Christmas, Please remember to look for HIM this season.  Without Him there would be no Christmas. 
If you read my blog and enjoy any part of it, I surely would appreciate a comment.  It's the only way I can know you enjoy it.  I don't get paid for any part of it, just love giving a gift to you from me.  If you want to encourage me to do more, just leave me a nice comment.  

Love to all !



kelly tadlock said...

I love you needle holder and all of its cute little sections! I too love vintage things, especially stitching. I am also a Christian and don't know how anyone gets through life without Him! May you and yours have a blessed Christmas and wonderful new year!


Que trabajo tan bonito!!!!

Unknown said...

This is adorable. It made me smile while looking at all of it.

Rhonda said...

Great job Molly!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew lovely! What a great job you did. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!

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