Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, I guess one week late is not all THAT bad.  I have to apologize for posting the September block late.  Life just got in my way.  Busy and maybe not enough energy is my problem. 

I hope the link on the sidebar works this time.  If not, I am sure "someone" will let me know- smile-.
ENJOY and remember to Make it your own.  I drew the lines, but you can erase!!  and redraw them the way YOU want them to be.  Thanks for loving my blocks and I look forward to seeing and loving YOURS!  Send me a pic!  I will blog about it.



Laura said...

No apology needed! I just appreciate that you're sharing your talents with us! Thanks!

Lynnae said...

Thank you for sharing. Life gets busy for everyone at times; no need to apologize. And I REALLY like this month's tree; well worth waiting for!

Vivian said...

Oh my goodness. This is definitely my favorite yet. Well worth the wait. Can't wait to get into my sewing room and start on it. But it may have to wait, I'm moving sewing rooms and have a trip to the lake planned for this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Way cool tree this month. It will be fun to do.

Rubyd said...

I am guilty of lurking..but, I want you to know how much I absolutely love your blog...thank you for making my days brighter...I will be starting a feathered star soon and I will be using your tutorial as my guide....I can't wait for the next BOM-the boots will be perfect for my seven cowboys....thank you for all that you do the make the world a better place.

Tonya said...

oh yah, i'm at a perfect stopping point to start this #9....the lady before me mentioned a boot BOM....where's that at?

Di said...

Love your work.Apologies not necessary, xx

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