Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ole Bag at Work Again!

I don't know if you remember that we lost one of the members of our Wacky 6 Pac Quilting group, Jerri, to cancer a few months ago.  It's been really hard to get use to being without her as she was so full of life and added so much to our get togethers.  Her husband recently called us together and gave us her quilting fabric, patterns etc. as per her wishes.  We gathered week end before last and divided up the treasure.  It was a very joyful time as we knew it was just what Jerri wanted as she had told her us so many many times.  As I went through the fabrics that I brought home in a box, I felt one with Jerri, yet I could not help but feel a bit guilty.  After you see these pics you might understand why.   THIS---------

AND THIS-------

AND THIS-------

AND -------THIS--------
Each of the five of us has a box full of wonderful fabs.  Thanks, Jerri!  We miss you.
I also got a couple of patterns.  I finished with bag by Indigo Junction today. 

And---I will show you detail of embroidery and quilting.


The zipper bob is an antique cuff link.

I used a decorative stitch for the leaf applique/stem.

The bottom is an orphan block from a strip quilt.

I have to say that the instructions were not the clearest I have ever experienced.  But I got through it.  But I will warn you in case you decide to make it.  Be sure you read and re-read the instructions and watch those 13 and 14 inch measurements!

This label is attached to the inside of the handle.  My mom bought me these years ago.  I hate to think about how many year it has been. 



BubzRugz said...

What a fantastic memory your friend has left with you - you will have such fun creating something with loving thoughts of her....
PS the bag is lovely too...

quiltingnana said...

I'm sure you will have many memories as you use the fabric and patterns....she was a caring friend to think of you....

Vivian said...

What great memories you will have each time you use some of this fabric or patterns.

Pat said...

AND...she would NOT want you to feel guilty, Molly...and you know that! She was happy to know her things would go to people who would use them and appreciate them.

Raewyn said...

How precious to have such tangible memories of your dear friend. I loved your bag too - and the label a perfect finishing touch.

Susan said...

Its always so sad to lose friends to cancer - I think it is something that haunts most of us - but what lovely memories you will enjoy every time you see or iuse one of those fabrics.

Debi said...

So sorry on the lost of your dear friend. The DFW Gang lost a member in Mar 08 and we are still lost without her. Wonderful memories with fabric that was in her stash!

Tonya said...

so sorry about your friend Jerri, but WOW, what a loot......enjoy, you deserve it for all your hard work.

JoJo said...

Where are you! Miss seeing updates. are contemplating releasing one block of the 2011 BOM early for your fans!!! :)

Kim said...

You know when I go I have instructions for what will happen to my stash.......I'll rest easier knowing that my dear quilting friends have a little part of what made me happy for so many years and hours of sewing fun with them.
You can just pause and say a prayer every time you use a little bit of her fabric.
We're all gonna die but she got to say her goodbyes and give her things to those she loved.

Happy Sewing she wants you to be happy.

Dorothy said...

Love the ebroidery on your bag and Yes I agree, the instructions could be better.

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