Friday, May 7, 2010


I am playing catch up this morning--have you ever had to do that?  I need to update you on my Marsha McCloskey free book status and talk about block 5 of the Tree Time Free Block of the Month. Let's start with Marsha.  This is very exciting.

Yesterday, THE package came:

Yes and the book is very beautiful, but more like a booklet I'm thinking! 

As I open the cover, I can't believe my eyes!

Yes, it's true--it's autographed!  A very heartfelt message.  I am just thrilled!!  Upon further inspection, I can see that this book is filled with beautiful stars, wonderful information, and diagrams.  She even gets into telling how to draft these wonderful stars.  Doesn't look really hard either. Aslo, the best part is, that I think she actually used some of the information I gave her as a pattern tester.  I can't be for sure until I have had more time to study it, but I will report more later,


This block is again, simple, but FUN.  The only new stitch is the Buttonhole Wheel.  It's a buttonhole stitch worked in a circle.  You will find a video HERE.  Remember this is a learning experience!  Practise a new stitch a little and pretty soon you are a pro.  This stitch is fun and quick.  I went all the way to the center of mine, as she mentions in the video, but of course you can "Make it Your Own".

Thanks for all the support during this Tree Time BOM. 


Rhonda said...

Great post Molly. I'm so glad Marsha sent all those goodies to you.

Pat said...

I'm so happy Marsha put that lovely note in your book...well-deserved, I must say!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

yah, a new block...i checked here yesterday thinking i had somehow missed it........

Kim said...

Isn't testing patterns so fun?
I get to do them for my friend before she teaches a class :0).

I want to tell you that I am not making your blocks every month but have used them for inspiration on a project I am doing called "Wool Crazy". great imagination Molly and thanks for sharing.
this months is just delightful and will look great on my crazy quilt!

Happy Sewing

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joven said...

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Kathy said...

Woo Hoo! So glad you got your block. I'm sure she did listen to your comments on the block 'cause you are a great teacher!

prashant said...

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