Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am so sorry, oh loyal followers, that my posts are farther and farther apart.  I did a guest post on Stash Manicure and seems that took alot of my "posting energy".  I don't seem to have alot of any kind of energy these days. 

The year 2010, another year when the Texas Department of Agriculture sponsors a Quilt block contest.  Blocks are made by Texas Quilters who decide to participate.  For a fee of $12.00, you purchase a packet that includes the fabric and guidelines to follow.  This years theme is Texas Wildlife. 

 The fabrics are batiks ~~~~~~~~~

a piece of green wool and one of brown leather.

  If you will remember I was successfull in 2006, but my block did not make it into the quilt for 2008.  BUT, the three friends that I talked into joining me in entering DID!  Very disappointing, I must say, but I have tried to be Big about it~~~LOL.  See my post about previous years and all our blocks HERE. See the TDA Quilt on their website HERE.  You can see each winning quilt block and read about the makers inspiration.

This Wildlife thing is going to be tough, I think.  I can't draw and I really don't want to use someone else's pattern.  I want it to be completely original.  I decided to surf a little and see if I could come up with some coloring book images that might give me some ideas.  I certainly did!  They are abundant.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife provides some wonderful drawings in PDF for kids.  If you haven't discovered these, you have really missed out!  You can find one of them HERE and where I found the drawing that I used for my pattern HERE.
  I chose the Red-tailed Hawk for my focus.  We have them here on the ranch and I watch them almost daily as they sit patiently on tree limbs and fence posts waiting to swoop down for a field mouse or other small creature.

I started by just tracing the sections of the bird on a limb onto freezer paper.  Then I auditioned fabrics for this main part of my block.   After the focus was placed on the background, the rest evolved.  I chose varigated threads for the stitching~~
These proved to be a very good choice, I think.  I did not use all the above.

 I have to say that I am proud of most of the block but am not sure I like the upper right leaves and definately think the fish needs something.  Possibly some definition.  But, overall, I am satisfied with the block.

You know, I learn something everytime I take on a quilt block contest.  They are a challenge that causes me to grow and learn.  I still have to write an essay and make a pattern for my block.  Not sure why they  need a pattern--

Look for more on Feathered Stars for next post.  I have promised a tutorial on Stash Manicure scheduled for June 10th, I believe.  So I need to get busy on that.  Also HAVE TO GET MY RED AND GREEN REPRO QUILT FINISHED.  I am putting that off--now why is that?????  Wish me luck!



Kathy said...

LOVE your block. You are such an inspiration for me to get off my butt and get busy!

searchfamilies said...

What a lovely block & very nice thread you done a great job
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job!!! I love the turtle!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was investigating the block contest and realize that I've waited too long to enter. That's okay, because after seeing your block, I see I have a whole bunch to learn! Great job!

prashant said...

your blog is lovely.!!
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Karen Smith said...

Wow, your block is so much different from mine. I loved the fabrics this year. I can't wait to see who wins. I wish that the TX dept. of Ags web page had better pictures of the previous quilts. I did a more traditional block, but an unusual subject. Good luck.

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