Thursday, August 14, 2008

Texas Dept. of Agriculture Quilt Collection

In 2006 I entered the TDA Quilt Block Challenge. I sent in my $12.00 and received a packet of fabrics to be used to create a block represently Texas Legendary Ranches. I made my block and sent it in with no expectation--REALLY. My block WAS chosen. It graced the quilt in the upper left corner,a very prominent spot, and I was very proud. In October the ladies whose blocks appeared in the quilt were honored at a ceremony during the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas. The quilt has become one in a group of of quilts that are a traveling exhibit that represent and promote Texas. 2006 Quilt--Legendary Ranches of Texas

Blocks are collected for a new quilt with a new theme every two years. This year the theme is "Texas Wine". The fabric collection was beautiful including batik and hand dyed fabrics of green and shades of wine. I talked 3 more of my Wackie Pak sisters to submit a block also. This is my block-----

It was not chosen for the quilt. There were 60 entries and 24 blocks were chosen.

The Good News is that all 3 of Wacky Sisters blocks were chosen. They turned in some great blocks!!

This is Jerri's block--

TOLD YA!! GREAT HUH--WELL-Wait till you see------

Kathy's Block--

Such a talented group I am associated with--

Here is Rhonda's block

Be sure to click the title of this post to see all quilts from previous years. Soon this years quilt will be posted along with the group. If you want to see the unveiling of the quilt and meet all the quilters. Go to the Texas State Fair in October. See you there!


Patricia said...

The blocks are very pretty - I never think of our fair state as a wine state though!

I especially love your block, and think all of you did a marvelous job.

Jerri said...

Molly, I also posted my TDA block on my blog as well as the RWB block that I will make for Wackies personal quilt.

Ruth Thomas said...


We have an antique quilt that has been in our family since 1833. Family Legend has this quilt surrounding the family silver which was buried during the Civil War to hide the booty from the Yankees. We are looking for an organization to whom we may donate the quilt who will have the capabilities of preserving it. We would prefer to donate to a museum or collection in the East Texas area so our family members could come to view but that is not a "deal breaker". If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
Thank you,

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