Sunday, August 3, 2008

Red White and Blue Block Swap

Each member of our Wacky Group is making all other participating members a block of our own choice. This is mine. I hope they all like it as all the pieces are cut out and in plastic bags ready for construction. I love the use of tan/brown fabric with the subdued reds and blues. The pure white in the dark blue gives a little punch. The center block is the focus point and offers so many design possibilities. I toyed with putting some embroidery there, or possibly a 4 inch pieced block. The flag fabric gave it interest in a focal point and it was easy. I tend to do that sometimes--take the easy way out. Not being willing to put in the time to do the part that will make a block or quilt "extra special. The fabric works for me here, I think. You can tell me if I am right or wrong. Go ahead, I can take it. I will not be mad--I promise--but be a woman and leave your name --no anonymous posts!!

I used a Quick trick method for the 1/2 squares in this block. I figured out the measurements for 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 inch half-squares and wrote the instructions for it. I will post it soon. I love it--8 half/squares in 15 minutes or less.

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Kathy said...

Love that block! I can't wait to get mine! I have already picked out the fabrics for my block that I am going to make, but just haven't posted a pic yet -- but watch out -- gotta new internet connection now -- I can post a picture -- YEA!

Also, bloggers, her quick trick for the 1/2 squares is really great! This girl is good!

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