Thursday, March 12, 2009


UPDATE!! I found the Valdani thread that I have been using. I bought mine at a quilt shop basically because I loved the varigated coloring. The colors that I love are Vintage Hues colors in a size 10. These colors are represented by a letter P. It is three strand thread on a spool. Go here to see this particular thread.

I have discovered the sharing of retired embroidery designs. Enthusiests are collecting and sharing the designs that are retired/non copyrighted designs. I am giving you several blogs where you can find/save/print all kinds of designs. Other information is also given. From which designs it is OK to share to how to share them.
The Pattern Bee
Threadful Art
Vintage Transfer Finds

The Sewing Palette

is a very information packed site. Be sure to visit it especially if you have patterns that you can share with them to help "fill in the gaps" of their History of Vintage patterns.

I am sharing a Superior Pattern #142 of some darling cross stitch kittens at play. I scanned them in from the in tact pattern sheet, so you may see a small amount of the adjoining design on the page. Please disregard this area when transfering this pattern.

Hopefully you can click on these photos, which enlarges them and then you can save or print them.

These designs are reversed and perfect for using a transfer pen. If you need these patterns right side up as you need them for use with a lightbox, take these patterns to your Photo program and flip them before printing them out.

I have more designs to share, so check back periodically to check. Thanks for visiting my blog.
I LOVE my followers. Thanks for all your visits and comments. I love hearing from you.

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