Monday, March 9, 2009



OUR NEW LITTLE COWBOY, CULLEN? here he is with Nana on his birthday!

This birth annoucement was sent out to tell family and frieinds of his glorius birth!! (sorry --this a picture of a picture and it didn't turn out so good. I will try scanning to replace it~~

cullen has grown!! I wanted all to see how much he has grown. Also, several who have kept up with him, know that he had hernia surgery last Friday. His is doing good. Still not sleeping so good, but hopefully (his mom is hoping more than the rest of us) this will improve. ENJOY

Sorry for the "Brag" post, but you know, this is "Molly's Place"!!



Pat said...

Oh, MY...he is SOOOOO cute, Molly! Thanks for sharing all those photos of him. I'm glad he's doing well. Sometimes anesthesia stays in a person's system for awhile and does "silly" things with them......and he may still have some lingering effects from it that are keeping him awake now. I have heard of this happening. He is just the most adorable little guy and I'm glad his surgery is behind him and went well.

Gina said...

He is gorgeous Molly, and such a cute grin. He's definitely worth the brag post.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kathy said...

PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS! You can definitely see the "Fryer" in that little angel! THanks for posting the pics.

Jeanne said...

He sure has grown! He's a handsome little guy. Feel free to brag whenever the urge hits.

Jerri said...

Oh Molly, he is so beautiful. If I could just hold him and kiss on him.

Carlotta said...

Oh wow, look how big he is now. And so adorable. I can just kiss on those chubby cheeks all day.

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