Monday, February 16, 2009


A shopping trip to an antique store in a nearby town yeilded the antique embroidery patterns below. I have been enjoying hand embroidery the last few weeks. After purchasing a new book and this Valdani Embroidery thread, I have been stitiching each and every night. THEN I found the sites in my last post for all the free vintange embroidery patterns. My next stop was---yes ma'am--nearby antique store to see what I could find.

This is the oldest one I found. I don't when it was published, but the price tag says J. C. Pennys and the price is .1?.

I believe these two are discontinued Aunt Martha patterns.

I want to provide these patterns for free to everyone, but have to find out if it is legal or not. I know many sites do this, so I know it is possible, but I have to know the conditions as to when it is OK. Maybe FREE is the key. As long as you don't sell them, you're OK. If you have any info on this subject, please comment for me. Thanks in advance.

Vintage buttons are always on my list. The white vintage rick rack will be tea dyed to use on Bunny Hill BOM blocks.

My second Bunny Hill BOM was finished tonight. I am having so much fun with these. Seems the more you embelish the better they look. I love digging in my button jar for just the right button and I have a bucket of vinage rick rack, lace, ribbons, and tatting. So, along with my new embroidery threads, I am having a ball--more fun than food or sex in my book.

Along that subject--- Spud (Red Heeler Cow dog) decided he wanted to sleep with LULU so he snuck in and bedded up with her in the living room. He was so quiet, no one would have heard him. He found a corner of her big bed and was out in a flash. LULU is not impressed. MEN-- I am with you LULU.



Gina said...

what great patterns.

i love how you are doing the Basket BOM

love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

YOur basket block looks very nice. had to laugh at the dog story!

Mickie said...

OH your basket looks great! I need to get started on mine too. I am digging the embroidery patterns you got! Good stuff-- sounds like a great store!

Kathy said...

Hey Girlfriend, you got some goodies at the antique store. That's awesome. And, I love the Feb. block -- great job! And LuLu, honey, hang in there -- those damn men!!!!

Patty said...

Hi Molly -- there's a group on Flickr where people post their vintage embroidery patterns and no one shares the Aunt Martha's since the company is still in business. Also, a Flickr member had a photo of a Vogart pattern pulled because Plaid Industries owns the copyright to Vogart so now nobody is posting Vogarts. But lots of other patterns are still being shared on Flickr.

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