Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have discovered some wonderful free hand embroidery patterns this week. Some bloggers post wonderful vintage patterns and allow you to download them. Go to Needlecrafter for far more patterns than you would want to download. You may just want to "bookmark" the site. The link is for a free Sunbonnet Sue and Sam pattern.
A Vintage Collection is a fantastic blog where many many vintage patterns are free for the taking. The pattern below is available there (this IS a SBS post, ya know! ;D). This is only the complete image. Visit the site for the pattern pieces.
If you have little girls or are a little girl at heart, please go to THIS SITE and print off the most darling let of paper dolls. These pictures would also make an adorable paper quilt. I can imagine a little girl carefully cutting out the pictures and gluing them into a design on paper and making her first quilt.
PENNY SQUARES--Do you know what these are? Go here to see a set. They are based on the SBS of 1905. Great Buy! Penny squares were small squares with simple embroidery designs stamped onto them that could be purchased for 1 cent. They were often used to teach young girls stitching skills. They were very popular around the turn of the century and continued through the 1930s. There are also some cute quilts here and more. It is the Sunbonnet Sue Blog.
There is also a post HERE about a comment by Alex Anderson saying when she made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt just check her into a home! Go HERE to read the whole story.
Ruby Short McKim is a famous designer of "Penny Squares". You can see and purchase her designs HERE.This is one of her SBS designs.

Also, just FYI, all of Ruby's pieced patterns from her book 101 are free on her grandaughter's website here.

My mother owned this book. It was originally published in 1931 by McKim Studios. She was a self-published author. Such dedication and self confidence amazes me. Mother's copy was republished in 1962. It is falling apart worn!
The comments on this series of posts has really fallen off. I am thinking of changing the posts to every 1st Sunday of the month. I could do a better job with the research and also have time to post about other things. If you are really enjoying the posts, but not commenting, please leave me a quick opinion of the subject.



Mickie said...

YEHHHHHH! I can post a comment. Love the SBS Sundays! They make my day and you find one or two each month that I haven't seen before....Thanks so much!

Teresa said...

Thanks for all the great links! I love the Bunny Hill block you did. Had not seen one with the big button before but yours is just great. I have some vintage buttons in my collection and I might just have to "borrow" your idea! Also thanks for dropping by my blog.

Back in the Day said...

Molly -
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, can't live without the sound of the bulldog snoring! Terrible huh?
Thanks for sharing the free pattern sights! I love the paper doll one! Can't wait to get over there and check it out!

Debi said...

I have this book also, and I love to look through it from time to time. Thanks for the links to the free patterns.

Gina said...

great links. I love the first sunbonnets

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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