Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOW, what an honor!.......Carlotta from Mahogany Blue is trying to make me reveal my deepest secrets! My truest self, my deepest thoughts. She wants me to tell all--maybe even things I haven't been able to admit to myself about myself. That's what this award is all about--HONESTY AND SCRAP (not to be confused with crap!) I must reveal 10 facts to you and to myself.

1. I wish I had gone to college.
2. I have helped pull more calves than I even know.
3. I have always had a weight problem.
4. I love dogs and have always had one. I think I would have been a good veterinarian.
5. I wish I had one bosom friend. Don't get me wrong, I have friends--but I want a bosom friend. Someone who would help me be a better person.
6. I love to talk about traveling, but the fact is that I love to be at home. It is my favorite place to be.
7. I hate aging, but am gratful to have lived long enough to age.
8. I enjoy blogging more than anything I have ever done but quilting.
9. My two sons are my greatest accomplishment. I could not be prouder of them.
10. When I think about it, I HAVE been a teacher and a vet at the place I love to be, at home. I am good at what I have learned to do and have done it with a wonderful man. I am a very lucky person. I have 8 quilting friends who strive each day to help me be a better person. It's OK that I didn't go to college. I have learned so much that I could have never learned there.

On to Award Number 2~~~~~

I must list 5 addictions: Let me see------hhhhmmmmmm-----here we go-

1. Food
2. Blogging
3. quilting
4. Geneology
5. Cooking

Maybe #1 and #5 are so closly related that they are one and the same, but really not, but then if you don't love to eat you would not love to cook. Whatever I said, you know what I mean.
5 bloggers who I think are deserving of these prestigious awards: OK girls--it's all yours.


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Kritta22 said...

I love the Honest Scrap posts! I wish I went to college to. I love quilting then bloggin then everything else.

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