Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, my blog has a "NEW LOOK". It has had a western theme since it's beginning. How do you like the change. Do you think I have made a mistake changing the obvious western theme?
Maybe I have taken away what made me blog unique--WHAT DO YOU THINK? Inquiring minds want to know. Please comment~~~~~~~

WELL--I DECIDED TO CHANGE IT BACK TO WESTERN. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THERE ARE NOT MANY BACKGROUNDS FOR THIS THEME. I AM GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE MY OWN. THERE ARE DIRECTIONS ON "Cutest Blog on the Block". IT'S JUST READING AND STUDYING AND TRYING TO DO IT. LESS TIME TO QUILT. I will change again soon, but for now I am different, but still Texas and western. That is me and how you know me. This is a good thing, Martha. Thanks to all who commented and helped me decide. You are all such wonderful cowgirls.



Sandi said...

I did rather like the western touch but Sunbonnet Sue is still here and so are you so looks good to me!

Carlotta said...

Yes it does have a new look. While it is nice, I liked the other one better. It was very different.

Oh, and Congratulations! You have received two blog awards. Come by my place to pick them up.


Kathy said...

I like your new look but then you know me, I always am changing my blog to go with the seasons! I did really like the Western theme as well -- it was you.

Pat said...

I think this is nice.......a girl has gotta change things up once in awhile, right? :)

Mickie said...

I liked the old one but this one is growing on me too. Heck, we gals can't be expected to wear the same dress everyday :)

Jeanne said...

I like it, Molly. You still have boots, and stars and Texas, so there's still some of the old feel.

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