Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, Sunbonnet Sunday has rolled around again. I am toying with limiting these posts to once a month as my quilts will not last through the year if I keep going as I am. If you have a Sunbonnet quilt or Block that you would like for me to include in my series of posts, I would love for you to send it to me. You will find my email address in my profile. For this week I am posting websites that have particularly interesting information. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

I found this site~~

An Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway, where you can actually read this book. It is amazing.

Then go by and read,

The Sunbonnet Babies in Holland, illistrations by Bertha Corbett. These are great books on line to read to your children or grandchildren. Vintage books are just as good as a history lesson. Don't mis this. Especially the first one!

This is a pattern of SunBonnet "MOLLY" that came out in the 1930s. The flower is called a Posey. I love it!! You can ALMOST see her face. I can imagine a nose tip just about to show.

This is a pattern that appears in one of my Mom's magazines of the 1980s. I think it is an unusual one.

A block that mother made and never put into a quilt. My sister framed it along with some vintage sewing supplies a few years ago. I think this is my favorite of all the blocks my mom made.

If you are interested in collecting Sunbonnet Vintage patterns, you should check on Ebay. Look here----
SunBonnet Applique book on Ebay

Here are a couple of links to --

Machine Embroidery Designs And some calendar Babies here ----

Thanks for hanging with me and the Sunbonnet Babies. It is really a great ride! See you next Sunday.



lani said...

You need to go to Sun Bonnet Annonymous...need I say more ?????

Gina said...

I'll have to send you the pattern for Sunbonnet Sian the Welsh Sunbonnet Sue. I meant to include it with the magazines I sent you. I'll scan it in and send it to you this week sometime.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kathy said...

Great post and great links. THank you! I recently bought the really cute SBS embroidery patterns at Emblibrary thanks to your inspiration....hehehehehe

quiltingnana said...

My friend just sent me a link to your blog and thought you might be interested in the Sunbonnet Sue I just finished. Check out my blog

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