Friday, January 16, 2009


This week the Wacky Pack had WACKY WEDNESDAY at a local restaurant.

OK--here we all are (except me taking the picture and a couple more who couldn't come) on Wacky Wednesday. For those who don't know about Wacky Wednesday go here. If you want to be a Wacky Pac member, you can be the next best thing by becoming a WACKY WANNABEE. You can also find out about that at the same place.

Wacky Jerri brought a friend from Colorado, Marion. She was a doll. We enjoyed her so much and hope she will come back. I swear she is just as Wacky as the rest of us. Aren't they cuties? They are BFFs.

KathyL showed us her "String Thing Swap" quilt. Looks great, but KL doesn't. Sorry, I think I caught her just as she was about to spit (not really).

Below is a package that arrived in the mail this morning. It is from Gina in the UK. She left me a comment a few weeks ago about a recipe that she would love to try, but she didn't have any measuring cups and spoons that were not metric. I sent her some. This is her thank you to me. I think that I got the better end of this deal. Three beautiful magazines and a great piece of fabric. Gina---thank you so so much. It really was not necessary, but I will really enjoy this. Internet friends are the best!!
Debi, the inventor of WHIRL INTO WINTER GIVE AWAY (be sure to check out all the great blogs that participated) won my Give Away--my personal pattern and a fq pack of 30's repros.
I left Debi a comment telling her I needed her address as she had won my Whirl into Winter Giveaway. I would say she was slightly excited. This is her email to me~~~~
"WOW I never win I am...(address was here)"
Then I got another message from Debi:
"OMG I only entered about 4 of these give aways and the one I really wanted was Yours!!
Thank you sooooo much. I am so excited."
Then Another---
"Thank you soo much...I am so excited about winning the 30's fqs and the new pattern. Since you designed it, will you autograph it for me?"
So--of course I did!
I also am including some more 30's repro fabrics from my stash to make the quilt process a little more interesting. I don't know what kind of collection of 30's Debi has, but she NEEDS many to work with. It is just so much more interesting if you do. So here ya go. One is a piece of a real 30's feed sack. Can you tell which one it is? I don't think you can from the pic, but the real thing is a little looser weave. It is the 6th from the top. The white background with blue circle designs with red centers.

So Debi's complete package will be on it's way on Monday morning. Thanks Deb for all the fun!

A little family info--MY SON LOVES TO THROW DARTS! He attended a tournament last weekend and did really well. This week end he got invited to a Pro--Am tournament. He being the amateur--but not for long I don't think. The winner of the state tournament last weekend is the one who invited him to play with him in the Pro Am tournament this weekend. He practised all week after getting all pumped up about it last weekend. BUMP BUMP BUMP-------------------------------------------BUMP BUMP BUMP-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BUMP BUMP BUMP--------------\
I finally had to have him move the board . It was opposite my bedroom wall and also shut the doors. I can finally sleep a little now and if I do go to sleep, maybe I can STAY asleep.
He is just precious!!!

Love to all you internet friends and have a great week-end.



mjnauert said...

I wonder what kind of hell the restaurant owner goes through when finds out that the sweet little quilters that show up for a nice little gathering wind up being the infamous Wacky Pack...(giggle). Next time you all go, you will have to raise your glass for me. Cheers!

Gina said...

Glad you liked the magazines.
I love darts, I've just finished watching the World Championships. What a great month of darts.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kathy said...

Girl, Gina did good! Great gift.

And little "Baby Clark" is just trying to practice so he can whip that guy's butt! You go Clark -- I hope you win.

Rhonda said...

Molly, of course you're going to have to share how you widened your blog.......please!!!!!

Debi said...

Looks like the Wacky Pak had a grand time. My dream is to have the Wacky Pak meet the DFW gang. Maybe we can get down to the Houston Show this year. Ps..thanks again for all the wonderful goodies.

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