Thursday, March 20, 2008

Starched Edge Applique

Update--Learned of a product called Stable Stuff that is used by Ricky Tims in place of the Freezer Paper in this technique. It is a wash a way paper stabelizer. Have any of you used this product for applique? Love to hear from you-----

Also read of a metal paint tip that you can use on Elmer's glue bottle so that you can dispence a very small dot. I looked for these at Michael's ---no luck.


Back to work on my Applique Quilt after talking with a friend at The Compass Centre retreat about problems I was having. She showed me how she prepares her pieces by painting starch on the edges and pressing them over freezer paper templates. I tried it there, but didn't really get into it until I got home and sat down with all my supplies to see how I could work it out for me. You paint on the starch with a 1/4 inch stencil brush or any other stiff brush you might happen to have (even a Q-tip will work), then you use a styletto to help you turn under the edges over the freezer paper templet using an iron. My friend used her right hand to hold/turn the fabric while using the iron in her left hand. I found that it was easier for me to do the opposite. seems I just needed that iron in my right hand. As you get that iron started, you can press with your index finger (or a tool) right on the edge and as you swing the iron around, those edges just naturally go right where they need to be.
OK--I have one block done with the freezer paper applique where the paper is left in until you stitch the pieces in place then you spray water on it, slit the back and pull the paper out. I have one done with the paper pulled out before the pieces are stitch down, illiminating one step. Getting To Crazy that explains the technique. Also P3 Designs sells a video. I will report which I think is best. I am thinking that pulling that paper out is going to be a ----well, you know.

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swooze said...

Have you seen Sharon SChambers technique? She uses glue and wash away stabilizer. There is an article in the January 2008 American Quilter. I liked her technique!

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