Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Flash Tour, 2008

One week after the Wackie Pac returned from the Cruise, four of uf attended the "Hot Flash Tour" sponsored by The Compass Centre, a retreat center in Mr. Calm, Texas. We received fabric for a mystery Quilt, spent one day shop hopping in Dallas/Ft Worth areas, and then went to see "Menapause, The Musical". The day was so much fun and the musical was so funny we hurt from laughing so hard. Back to the Centre and one more day of quilting. If you haven't spent any time at Compass Centre, you should check it out--a great place to retreat.

To explain the picture above--the fabric is just right for a "Hot Flash" mystery quilt, but just not my style. The three friends and myself pooled our fabric and made a larger quilt to give back to Melissa Picha, the owner of Compass Centre as a keepsake. I did, however, want a remembrance of the occasion, so the morning I was leaving I went through the trashcans and gathers the scraps from all the quilts made the days before. The above quilt is the result of using up those scraps. It is small about 20 x 24. I think I have heard people call quilts like this confettti quilts. It really was fun. I just kept sewing little pieces together until I got pieces big enough to use. I think it is representative of what it feels like to go through the "change". Don't you? Mixed--=(*&^%+_ocnfused)&^#$%bewildered8746330HOT8859-93005.
This is all the fabric that was left. Actually, it looks like more than it actually was. The pieces are really tiny.

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