Monday, March 24, 2008


MARCH 20th was one year since I started blogging. I MISSED IT!! I am sure it's because this year has flown as usual. The old er I get the faster time flies. Remember when you were a kid and you thought it would be forever before your birthday? Now they come up so quickly it's scary!! Oh well--this has been really fun and I have grown. I have learned alot about cyberworld, friends around the world, and myself. I want to thank each of you who visit my blog, and mostly the ones who comment now and then. I have tried to post items of interest to you and not too much family stuff. Quilting is the focus of my blog, but family posts just have to slip in ever so often. I love visiting your blogs and finding out what you are doing these days. I am so inspired. You keep me going and help me keep up with the latest quilting ideas.

Computers still amaze me. My dad gave me my first computer in 1980s. This was long before each household had them. My boys were little and he wanted us all to learn what he realized hat would be the future. THANKS AGAIN DAD! I miss you.

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY TO ME! I will try not to miss it next year


Teresa said...

Happy Blog-Anniversary. I am still kind of a newbie to blogging, but I sure do enjoy it.

Nana's Quilts said...

Well, congratulations to you. I'm coming up this week-end - one year. Amazing just how fast it goes past. My dad was also a great computer proponent. I can remember him, in his retirement home, trying to get the other residents (grandparents) to learn about being online with their grandkids, instead of complaining that they never heard from them. I still think of him whenever I sit down here.

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