Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Third Round Robin Quilt--Merry Christmas, Cheryl

She looked truly surprised, didn't she??

Chery's quilt was the next one in line. The multicolored pinwheel round was done by Debbie Stanley. I decided to continue the Christmas scene for my round. I chose friendship stars for the blue sky. Trees on a snowy white background for the sides and applique snowmen for the bottom. The snowmen were really a delight to make. I enjoyed searching for just the right decorative stitch to represent the snowmen features.

The piano key border is the work of Kathy Earley. Merry Christmas to All and To All A Good Night, is the work of Rhonda Lawton. The last border was done by Melissa Picha. Each stocking has the name of a grandchild embroidered on it. Cheryl and her husband's names are in the center on the bottom. A great quilt, a really great quilt.

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