Sunday, January 20, 2008

Round Robin Quilt #4--Rhonda's Quilt

When Rhonda's quilt got to me, it was already really large. Rhonda's center is the black background. Melissa's first round is the red background. Debbie Stanley's round is the outside twist. Cheryl had added the black background round and included the four patches on point. Since the quilt was already large, I opted to add applique to Cheryls round in the blank corners. As usual, this quilt stayed on my wall for a fairly long time until one day my youngest son caught me sewing away on another project when he visited. I ask him what he thought about Rhonda's quilt. His comment was that it looked like a deck of cards. I decided to go with that. My thought was that it needed a purpose--so--I put the heart, spade, diamond and club in the corners first. I had to back them with white to make the black on black show up. It needed more, so I scanned some playing cards and printed them on fabric. I used a fabric pen to go over some of print to make it darker. I placed them randomly and stitched around them.

Wa-la--#4 on it's way to Kathy Early.


Karen said...

I just viewed your slide show. Awesome!

Marilyn R said...

The Round Robin quilts are wonderful! I've enjoyed looking at them all!

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