Sunday, January 20, 2008

Round Robin #5--Kathy Earley

Antother surprised face -- tears of surprise and ,"I can't believe it"!

Kathy's center was an applique piece that she received from Rhonda in a swap years ago. Rhonda placed the first round on--the red zigzag with cream background. The flag border by Melissa Picha has the pledge of Alligence embroidered on the flags--so creative. The third round with stars in the corners is the work of Cheryl McInnis. Next, Debbie Stanley placed more Stars and stripes. I knew that I wanted some blue in the last border and I knew I wanted to repeat Rhonds zigzag. What I didn't want to add a small border strip to make my border fit. So I opted for scrapy pieced corners so I could adjust the size. Scrappy so I could use all the beautiful blues and backgrounds that she had included in her box. This left empty centers---a perfect place for words. I have known Kathy for almost 30 years. Her son Josh and my oldest son, Clint went to school together and played to gether as children. I know how proud she is of Josh's military career. He is her hero. A few appliqued stars and ---------Wa La! The last quilt is finished.

I hated that we had neglected to honor Kathy's oldest son, Heath, who is a firefighter. Kathy plans to make a matching quilt for Heath and present them to her son's next Christmas. Such a great idea.


Tracey in CT said...

What a wonderful quilt, and a fantastic reaction!!

Nana's Quilts said...

All of your quilts are wonderful. I cried when I read your response to your quilt. Wow! And, a nice new photo, too. Excellent.

Good quilty wishes -

Madame Samm said...

HI Molly....sweetie..will you please email Kathy Early..she sent me a request for a Mama and Me store graphic, but her email is no-reply..and I am sure she is not aware of that...I completed it for her and I wanted her to get it...

this is her message

Mine would say "Mama and Me". My studio is named this after my sweet Mama who was a quilter. When I received my inheritence, I purchased a 18x40 freestanding building for my studio. It is my little piece of heaven and where I go for peace. I've been a lot of time there this past month -- not sewing but crying. I lost my precious husband a month ago very suddenly. He was my biggest quilting fan and encourager. It would be cool if the door had a R+K inside of a heart -- kinda like a coupl e would carve on a tree -- LOL! Thank you. You are one sweet lady!!!!

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