Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Round Robin Quilt #1

I did so want to post about each quilt as I placed my choice of round. The hardest part about this project was deciding what to do. The coices are endless. One thing I did learn--the person who does the first round really leads the direction that the quilt will continue to follow. I feel it is the most important round.

Debbie's quilt was the first one that I worked on. Her center was larger than any of the others and her quilt ended up the largest. Her center ended with the center applique and she ask that it be placed on point. I squared it up again with the dark border, 4 Churndash blocks and the next border. Kathy E. put the green narrow border and the checker board border. I think I have a picture of it when I fiished my round, but I cannot find it. Debbies Quilt was the one I enjoyed the most. For one reason, it was the first and when my enthuriasm was the hightest and another reasone, the style and color choice is of my preference. The next applique border was done by Rhonda Lawton. The sawtooth border was the choice of Melissa and a good one I must say. With the dark repeated, the last border which included all fabrics framed the piece to perfection. I like the term "piece". I had not heard that used until I met Mrs. Cheryl McInnis and was ask to join the "Round Robin 2007".

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Kathy Wagner said...

I have sure enjoyed reading about your round robin quilts. I really like how you described each one and what you added.

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