Monday, December 10, 2007


Where do I start? So many "happenings" that I have not blogged in a while. Christmas shopping on Thursday was very successful, but just after I turned onto our County Road, I turned to look towards my DS and DDIL's house and then turned to look back toward the road just as I hit a horse. I had no time to hit a brake or turn my wheel. Seems my DIL's horse was out and stepped from behind a large hedge into the road. My grill guard kept him from coming into my windshield and kept my airbags from deploying. I am fine, but I cannot say the same for my car. The adjuster will be here this week. It killed the horse. Though tramatic for my son's family, it could have been so much worse.

It was a cold and rainy day today. I had to take and put up my DGS from preschool, but other than that, I stayed in and got some things done. House cleaning, cooking and "some" quilting. I am working on my last Round Robin Quilt. I wish I could post a picture, but I never know who might be lurking here. We will reveal the results in January and I will be posting photos afterwards. I also have my applique project in tow and my "OLD BAG SWAP" quilt.

Our Wacky Christmas Party was the 10th (yesterday). WE had such a good time. Annale was the perfect hostess, as usual. We talked, laughed, ate, and played a few games. It was 70 something degrees when we arrived, about 2 pm, and 40ish when we left about 5:30. How is that for some "Texas" weather. You know, if you don't like it, just "wait awhile". Has been cold and rainy since, but will be back to 70's tomorrow--don't you wish you lived here?

Tonight, when I turned on my Christmas Tree lights, Not one came on. Ballasts must be out. My tree is prelit and this is the third year I have used it. Back to WalMart. My DGS told me we needed outdoor lights. Don't usually put them up as we live in the country and no one sees them, but he and I will see them (he said). No picture to post, but they look pretty good!

Merry Christmas to all! (I don't work for the Post Office)


Rhonda said...

Oh Molly, your poor car....I'm just happy that you are ok and there's no body ache after the accident.
Have a Merry Christmas. And as we all know, everything will work itself out!

Jane said...

Gee whiz, what a week!! Just take a DEEP breath.. in - out - in - out.. Now don't you feel better, Molly? We do the outside light thingy for ourselves too. I am sure we get a few lookers from the road, but mostly I enjoy how they make the yard look.

Zegi said...

That's too bad about the accident and the least nobody human was hurt :( No offense but I like the wacky weather here in Ohio...I have no desire to live somewher so hot!

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