Sunday, December 16, 2007


A Blog Christmas Card to all you great gals who visit my blog. I am amazed at the number that visit. I don't hear from many, but wanted all to know that I appreciate your visits and hope you have a Very Very Merry Christmas. This is our only grandson, Caden, who is almost 5. He was a ham the particular day of my photo shoot. On any other day he would have balked on wearing the "Santa Hat"----BUT DOESN'T HE LOOK CUTE?
Sorry I haven't posted anything "Quilty" lately, but not much quiltin going on right now. Too busy trying to find the perfect gifts. I did get my hands on a Wii. If you don't know what that is then you are better off, believe me. I promise to get back to quilting right after Christmas and I will post "something". I have one more Round Robin Quilt to finish before the first week in January. I am close to being finished, but will probably have to work hard the week "after" Christmas. I hope you all stay safe, warm, and relaxed this Christmas. I hope you enjoy every aspect of the holiday. I hope you bake and decorate cookies with your children and grandchildren. I hope you sing carols and decorate the family tree. I hope you visit your friends and leave secret gifts to those who mean so much to you through the year. I hope you embrace the true meaning of Christmas and give to those who need it the most.

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Kathy Wagner said...

Merry Christmas Molly!
I had been chasing the elusive Wii also, but have given up!

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