Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, I have made another example of the String Thing project. I decided to try a block that is actually made with "strings". No certain width or not even straight. The ones I used are not very wide and I think I like this block better than the one that is made of 2 inch strips. I took pics as I was making it as I had one lady comment that she wanted to try it and needed more info. First I drew a line 1 " to the right of the diagonal center of a 13 1/2 inch square. I used the line to place my 2" center strip and pinned it with flat had pins. I sewed light strips on one side and dark strips on the other pressing after sewing each strip. If I did not like the angle of the strip I was sewing on, then I adjusted it as in picture #3.

Do you like the block on the left with uneven, random width strips or the right one with even 2" strips? I believe that I like the left one. I not only like the uneveness of the strip set, but the narrowness of the strips. A benefit of this choice is that I will not have to match any seams but the center ones.

I cut strips to include in the packets to participants. These strips will provide some continuity to my blocks. They can be added to the strips chosen by each member of the group.

Watch for Wacky Pac blog-- for the results of this project, but you will probably have to wait awhile. Rhonda's choice of block can be found at


Kathy Wagner said...

I like your new header Molly!
And I like both of these string blocks.

Marilyn R said...

I like both of your string blocks, but I agree with you, I like the one on the left the most. I like the random width of the stips. Not having to match the seams will be a big help with the quilt construction!

Rhonda said...

Great demo, Molly. I like your color choices.

Eve said...

Mine tend to be all random, since the point is to use up narrow scraps.

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