Monday, April 2, 2007

My Own Design--"A Little Birdie Told Me"

I am working on a Round Robin Quilt that I am dying to publish, even ask your opinion on, but if I do, the owner would see it. This is a photo of a quilt that I designed in 1998. Gee, that is almost 10 years ago. The blocks are paper pieced and are embelished. Techniques are incorporated into the pattern so that the quilter will learn many. Perfect for the new quilter or for a more experienced one who might get bored doing the same block over and over. Techniques learned would be paper piecing, machine applique, ruching, couching, hand applique (stems) reverse applique, hand embroidery, and yoyos. The blocks can be most any size.
I plan to make a list of quilting goals soon. First I must "gather" all the projects. My My, just thinking of them all makes my head spin. I have inherited a group of quilt blocks that my mother made but never incorporated into quilts. I will post them and ask your opinion as to what would work. Soon-----

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