Wednesday, April 4, 2007


A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! This is LULU. She is a 60 pound English Bulldog that I inherited from my youngest son, Clark. He and a friend decided a few years ago that they could get rich breeding these dogs. They had one litter and that was the end as they must be artificially inseminated and the puppies delivered by sycerian (sp). Then the puppies cannot stay with the mother as she will smother them. But, Never will you find a more loving and unique little companion.
The Bulldog breed dates back to the 16th century where they were bred to fight--mostly bulls
The fight was outlawed in 1835 for inhumanity. Since that time the dogs have been bred as a family dog. They still have the same physical characteristics as the original fighting dog. They may LOOK mean, but they are far from it.
The characteristics are:

Shorter legs-helped keep out of the way of the bull's horns
Heavier body-provided strength for fighting bull
Large head-for a forceful jaw to hold onto bull's nose
Muzzle that curves up-for a forceful jaw and to keep out of the way of the nose so that the dog can breath when clenching onto bull
Wrinkled muzzle-provide a passageway for the bull's blood to run down dog's face away from eyes.
They are broad in front and narrow in rear so that as the bull slings them from side to side they will not break their back.

LuLu grunts like a pig and snores louder than Sid, and her tongue hangs out when she is asleep (all brought on from the smooshed nose). She must not get too hot or too cold-hence -she must remain in the house. This is the only REAL problem for me as she sheds. But LuLu is not active so this makes shedding easier to handle. Her hair is isolated. Clark has a male and his hair is everywhere as he is everywhere. He is not the average docile bulldog. I will post a pic of him at a later time.


Melzie said...

omgosh my sister has a Lulu named Lucy LOL you cant hardly carry on a conversation when she's just BREATHING much less SNORING :) Very cute. Welcome to the Q4P ring! xoxo melzie

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly...too funny about her snoring louder than Sid...Love Ya'll Allyson

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