Friday, March 30, 2007

Trip to Round-top

Everyone in Texas must go to Round-Top Texas the first weekend in April. They screwed up the dates this year and still the people found them. My sister and I have not made a trip like this in years. She can't pull me away from my "other" sisters. We stayed in an old Victorian home called Knittle Homestead (pronounced K-nittle, K being the sound of the letter). Built in the 1870's as a post office and genreal store and later added onto and becoming a home. The couple who own/operate the property have an antique store and have moved another historic home onto the property to make more rooms available for rent. Each room has it's own personality and decor. The breakfasts were served on beautiful china and on the first morning consisted of poached egg with spinach, tiny homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit cup, bacon, sausage, and potatoes that were carmelized with peppers and onions. The second morning, we were awakened by the smells of sausage, bacon, pecan french toast, and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. It is needless to say, if it hadn't been for walking ALL day, and not eating again that day, I would not have lost .8 of a pound! Hey, that is better than gaining. We bought some plants and "yard art". I also found a table/cabinet to use in my kitchen as an island. It is tall enough to work on standing up, has 3 drawers that I can use for utensils, and ends that extend enough so that I can mount some hooks and hang pots from them. Sid told me not to bring home "abunchojunk" so I tried to be good. Not one piece of fabric passed these hands for 3 whole days. They ached for the feel and texture of fffffaabbbrrriicc aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh It's good to be home.

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Jerri said...

This is a beautiful place. One of my friends that I play bridge with went to Round Top Wednesday and Thursday with her sister. They bought yard stuff also.

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