Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Beautiful, Beautiful Day

I want you all to know that this little cow multiplies fast. I have to download and then click "done" fast before another little cow is born. I guess if you didn't click "done" it would just multiply forever. I decided to try to do it over as the other post goes on into infinity. Only one cow to take care of now and we can't go to Padukah or Nashville, or Sisters. One cow will not make us enough money. Oh well, maybe we will get there someday. The day has been so beautiful--I have been outside working in my yard. I keep coming in to see if anyone has posted anything--crazy, huh. I am planting flowers and shrubs and playing with my bulldogs. I would love to swap plants with anyone who wants to.
Clark is gone to Houston to be in a wedding and I am dog sitting. Caden will be here tomorrow. We will practise hunting eggs and I plan to take him to the museum in Teague to see the train. He has two cows names "One" and "Two". He has other cows, but these are his favorites. He loves numbers, you know.
I keep thinking that I will go in the sewing room and work on my Round Robin Quilt for awhile, but the sunshine is just so wonderful. I hope all you Wackies and out in it getting a tan (not you Rhonda, you just get vitamin C.)

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Rhonda said...

I glad that you are interested in your yard. I wish I was. As for the Round Robin.....I working on yours Molly.

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