Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is one block from my "Flying Chicken" quilt. It is a combination of two swaps. A chicken block swap done in a Brown Box exchange with members of the Freestone Quilt Guild and a Flying Geese Internet swap. You can see the whole quilt in my album on Picasa. This block specifically was posted in an attempt, an attempt, mind you to make it my icon for my profile in lue of my photograph. Alas, after much time spent, it still is not in place. This particular block is special to me as my dear "crazy" friend, KE, made it for me. ISN'T IT CUTE! I love it. As I view other quilters blogs, I notice that some chose to use icons in their profile and when they post comments their icons show up beside their name. I don't know why it is not working. The directions in help say to post the picture in your blog, change to edit html, copy the address and past in the profile where the photo line is. I tried everything I knew to make it work and it just will not. So, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. There are two addresses listed in the Html and I tried them both. I did have fun on my trip to Round-Top with my sister. I will post about that next.
REVOLTING DEVELOPMENT--When I edited the post, the photo disappeared--where did it go? I had another one in a draft from working on my profile so I just published it until I can get home and upload another one in the right place! OOOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMMMeeeeeeeee


KathyE said...

hmmmm, think I've seen this before!

Rhonda said...

Molly are you planning another chicken quilt?

Jerri said...

I was going to your Picasa album to view the quilt but I can't find a link to it.

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