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It's been a month since my last post.  I was so going to try to post more often.  I think I need to schedule posts.  I am sure that is how everyone keeps their promises to themselves and their readers.  I have been so busy with end of school activities and birthdays (3 in May) and other issues that I'd rather not think about.  You know the ones that are not so pleasant.  The unexpected that just pop up to remind you that you are not in control of anything?  That's what I am talking about.
My hexie project is still ongoing and has made a turn in another direction.  I went looking for ways to put them together and found a fantastic site and fantastic quilter who I have admired for many years and did not know she was a hexie fan.  You will find her HERE.  I love the way she fussy cuts fabric to get some fantastically unique hexies.  They I found her way of putting them together.  The link I shared shows part of it but not all.  You MUST search all her hexie posts and discover all her tip and tricks.  She is a hexie guru!
 My hexie box that I have by my chair.  I find myself wanting to sit there more and more!
 After exploring Jo's posts I decided to go scrappy with my joining hexies (you knew I would!  So did I!) smile   Here you can see a small pile of about 6 that I have finished.  This is such a fantastic way to use scraps.  All those fabrics that you love going into a quilt that you again can enjoy each time you see them.  Some quilts that may be gone away as gifts.  Now that memory is yours to keep.
 I decided to lay them out  to see what MY hexie flowers look like together and ----gasp------
I discovered that I had misplaced a hexie or two.  When adding the five on each flower, you must start and end on the hexie's side.
 As you can see here, I ended on the top of the hexie.  I only had to remove one and-----.....
 add it to the other side of the group.  AAAhhhhhhh!  Now--that will work.  How do you like the scrappy?  Come on---tell me the truth!!

Here are a few of mine as they will look put together.  It's a bit of a trick figuring out how to turn them.  But I soon got the hang of it.  (Is that Texas slang? )

 Back to my making of the hexies themselves, I tried using a paperclip instead of just holding the side down with my finger or using a pin and I really do like it.  I chose a plain metal small paperclip and it worked great.
 It kept all in place as I stitched all the way around and around.
 I only took it off just before I made the last stitches to finish the hexie.
 More hexie papers had to be made and I was afraid I had made a mistake by taking my papers out as I finished a flower.  I don't think it's going to be a big deal, but think I won't take anymore out just to make sure.  I think Jo says she only took out her middle ones and left all the others in.  My printer quilt working or I would have printed Red Scissors 1 inch hexagon template that you will find a link to HERE and cut them with a rotary cutter.  I had to use scissors and took me forever!!  I cut them from card stock or any thick paper.  I often use the card paper that you find inside magazines.  The ones you tear out--they are usually magazine subscriptions.  Old greeting cards work great too!

 I'm ready to stitch and stitch and stitch.  I have a fairly large pile of hexie papers and fabric cut.
I hope there is something of interest here.  Something to inspire you or help you in your hexie journey.  I am splitting my posts between projects so hopefully I will be posting on a different subject soon.  I already have an idea as I have been working on my Art to heart quilt.  I am ready to start on Block 6 and am putting a new twist on some of the blocks.  I always have to change things you know!  See you soon !!!!



swooze said...

I just worked with he use for first time recently. I only needed 28 so bought the papers. I liked it so much I bought a hex I’ve punch from Joann’s. I haven’t started anything else but it’s on my radar!

Oh I used my little wonder clips to hold the fabric in place to baste.


Nunca hice exàgonos, bonito trabajo, besos

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