Sunday, November 23, 2008


My mother is will be 82 years old on November 30, 2008. She has severe dimentia and is barely functioning as she has lost most of her memory. Mother was a quilter during the 1970s and 1980s. She made scrap quilts when she first started watching Georgia Bonesteel. Then one day when I was a senior in high school, I came home from school and she had a quilters catalog in her lap. She asked me, "Molly, do you think it would do for me to "buy" fabric for a quilt. She showed me a pattern that she had pick out for this "purchased fabric". It was in a Georgia Bonesteel book. Well, of course, I encouraged her to buy it. She hand quilted it in sections and it is one of her best quilts. Mother quilted hard and fast for about 10 years. Along with her quilts, she made vests, coats, bags, dresses, and more. She continued to quilt until my daddy died in 1998----then she quit. Not only quilting, but everything.

At one point, Mother was addicted to Sunbonnet Sue. As you can see in the picture above, she bought many books and magazines with patterns. The pieces above were the leftovers of a Sunbonnet quilt that she made with 30's feedsacks. She also made a calendar quilt. A Sue for each month of the year. One more that she made was an Overall Bill for her grandson, my nephew.

I have so many Sunbonnets to show you that I have decided to start Sunbonnet Sunday. Each Sunday I will show you some aspect of my mother's Sunbonnet Sue collection: a book, a pattern, a magazine, or some stitching. At the beginning of each month I will show you her Calender Quilt Sue for that month. Then, when I have shown you all the blocks, I will show you the entire quilt. Somewhere along the way, I will show you her Sunbonnet Feedsack quilt and other family Sunbonnet quilts that I have inherited. I hope you enjoy the Sunbonnet journey I have planned for you.

The first Calendar block is the November block------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------what would Sue be doing in the month of November-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------baking pumpkin pie?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------raking leaves?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------washing quilts and getting ready for winter?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------could she be----------------------could she be?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------stealing a turkey?????????????????---surely not!!!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------but she is!!



Anonymous said...

Molly, it must break your heart to see your mother like that. I know you must be very proud of the collection of SBS you have of your Mother's. I too love SBS and look forward to the journey you will be sharing with us.

Kathy said...

Oh what a cute block! I will look forward to Sun Bonnet Sue Sunday so I can see all the blocks your Mom has made. This is too cool.

You have just reminded me that I think I have some SBS blocks that my Mother made -- must ahve been a "thing" back during that time. The only difference is my Mother said "Sue Bonnet Sue" LOL

Hang in there my friend

Nana said...

I love reading your blog! Can't wait to see more Sun Bonnet Sue blocks. Barbara

Back in the Day said...

Love your blog! I tagged you on mine! Check it out~

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I added you to my sidebar in 3 places.. Come by and see. Also, as I was reading along about your mom's book, I have some of the same books and magazines as she. Sue is just wonderful and I believe your mom loved her as much as myself. :)
I also share a blog with 2 other ladies, and I have some Sue's posted there as well.

alicesg said...

Hi Molly, I am one of the other ladies that CC mentioned. :) Those Sues are very pretty, I bet they get along fine with our sweet Sues in our treehouse. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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