Friday, August 1, 2008

Wacky Day Out!!

Rhonda's Birthday was celebrated with a trip to Waxahachie, Texas. The Quilt shop, Common Threads, was our first stop--(we were all bad--this is my purchase--for our Red White and Blue quilt blockswap.

the second stop was The Dove's Nest, a really neat Lunch Stop..Antique Shop. Two got the Soup of the Day, Texas Chowder--DELICIOUS! Visit them here. I have the cookbook and it is fantastic. The Texas Chowder is included Along with sandwiches, soups, wonderful pastas, and desserts (We shared Blackberry Bread Pudding---YUMMY!).
This smock was purchased in the antique section. I almost bought it last time we visited, but instead I purchased a pattern thinking I could make one myself. Guess What? It was still there this visit, I had not made one, so I bought it. Thought it would be cute to wear it to our upcoming quilting retreat.

The last purchase was a really neat chicken, some artificial moss and greenery, and a delicious smelling candle.

The ride home was full of laughter and fabric fondling. There was discussion of a joke about a blind man and a dog named ALOOK! You had to be there--but believe me ---it was funny!!

Later Guys!!

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