Saturday, November 19, 2011


Second week of DeerCamp Wacky Retreat was a success.  I didn't take as many pics as I should have, but have a few to show you.  This retreat was a more laid back retreat than normal.  No "Power" sewing as previous ones.  I, for one, may be the reason.  Stress in my life made way for the desire for being with my wonderful friends, venting to them and having them give me their loving advice.  As I told them, they cannot fix my problems, but their listening ears were so much help to me. 

The first pic is of a quilt that is the result of a channenge issued several weeks ago.  This project was suppose to be to cut the pieces and work on the quilt at an upcoming retreat, but when that retreat was cancels, two Wackys completed their projects at home and two worked on them at this retreat.  The third, me, did not do it at all.  I just have had too much already started that I have been unable to complete.

This is Ms. Rhondas finished project (except for quilting that is).

This is Annie's Quilt.  It is one of dear departed Jerri's projects that Annie chose to take and finish.  She did a fantastic job, only lacking borders and quilting.

This is what I worked on most of the weekend.  Some embroidery blocks that needed to be set together.  It is pictured here with auditioned border fabric and as I look at, not the "one".

A trip to Athens, and a never before visited Quilt Shop resulted in a decision to issue a new challenge.  This block will be used.  The guidelines are to used our scraps.  More later, but the quilt we saw that inspired us is by Kim Deihl (Did I spell that right)?

I have to include a pic of my latest finish, my Bunny Hill- Henrietta Whiskers quilt.  I enjoyed it as much as the Basket Quilt a couple of years ago.

See ya soon----


MB in MI said...

Beautiful Henrietta Whiskers quilt!!

Pat said...

LOVE your Henrietta Whiskers quilt and hope your stress load can be lightened soon. Lots of people think about you and hope for the same thing!

Gari said...

Your Henrietta looks great. I still have the last block to do and then all the border and setting stuff. Mine will be waiting until after the first of the year. I like that Christmas tree, too. As we get older that would be a good as a replacement for the tree we put up each year.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your Henrietta quilt!
Deer camp sounds like just what we all need from time to time!

Betty C said...

It looks great. Fantastic job.

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