Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, kids--we are getting close to the end.  I have to say that it has truly been a roller coaster ride for me.  I don't work well under pressure and towards the end, that is truly what I have been working under.  This is usually a wonderful outlet for me, but when I don't have the time, it becomes a stress issue. 
Block 11 is now almost stitched, but as last month, I am giving you the pattern before my stitching is quite through.  I wish, like the big designers, that I had some little stitching elves to help me stay on top of this, but with pay being zip, that ain't gonna happen.  Love to all of you who have stuck with me. 

Here are three western pillowcases that I have made in an attempt to decorate my back bedrooms for my two grandsons.

So fun and quick--You should try one.  Here is a link to LITTLE BIRDIE SECRETS and there is also a video on You Tube.



Denise :) said...

Cute boot this month -- it's kickin'! :)

Anonymous said...

Boot looks like an "engineer" cowboy boot. May need a buckle and strap trim maybe.

Myra said...

Love your boots!! I just found you, and am thrilled with your Boot Bash! Thanks! 8-)

Cathi said...

I need to catch up. Just now have October cut out. I like anonymous' idea of a buckle on November's boot, hmmm, I may plagerize!

Jeanette S said...

When will we see the December Boot? I love this series..

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