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I can't believe that I am posting block number 11.  In one month we will have a whole year of Tree Time behind us.  That is incredible.  I want to address the group of trees and then I will get back to the individual block:---

After my October Tree Time block was finsihed and posted, I began to worry that all my trees are going to work together in a quilt.  They have definately evolved.  When I started, I planned to use wool in my blocks, but as the months passed, I began to use more and larger pieces of wool.  Seems that my trees themselves have become larger.  Also, I started out with each tree having a different star on top.  Several lster trees have no star because I simply didn't feel that it worked.   I decided I should get them all out and put them on my design wall so that I could see if all will work together. 

Picture of design wall here.

I think they will.  I may do some of the first ones again.  I think I want them to fill the space better.  Also, When I started I didn't want any to fit a time of year.  I just wanted them to be generic trees that could be used at any time of year.  Several seem to fit a certain time of year.  This has been a real learning experience for me.  I am pleased with each block individually, but collectively, not so much. 

In general, just one tip----One of my favorite sources for stitches and stitch combinations is

I'm Just Sayin----smile

When I go to the internet to search for tuorials, I usually find many many variations of a stitch and also variations in the names.  It is very confusing to the novice stitcher.  The only way to clear it all up is to research the stitches and study them so that you become familiar with the different variations and names.  The Feathered Chain Stitch that I used in this month's block is a variation of Chain Stitch that I have never used or seen.  I really enjoyed learning to stitch it.  It took me some time to get the hang of  how to stitch it in the case of my tree.  I seemed to be stitching it upside down and maybe I was.  The chain base is the leaf tip.  In other words, the bottom is the top.  LOL  I am sure I have absolutely confused you now and honestly, I was definatly confused until I wrapped my brain around it.  This is the reason I did a tutorial.  I really wanted to help those who might have a problem "seeing"  how to stitch it.

A printed tutorial for the Feathered Chain Stitch used as the branches and leaves for this tree can be found HERE  It's the last variation of the Chain Stitch shown on the page so you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it.....

FYI----To watch the video, you will need to turn off the music.  Scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and you will find the music player.  Click on the Pause button, which is the large round button with two striaght marks on it. 

I have attemped a tutorial for the feathered Chain Stitch which I used in Tree Time Block 11.  I hope it helps someone.  Very primitive haha--I actually have several and couldn't decide which one was the best.  I did it ad-lib (how do you spell that?) and each one has good, but different stuff in it. 

Now, on to the pattern--I made a pattern, but when it came to marking the leaves/limbs (Feathered Chain Stitch), I did not mark the lines in on my fabric.  I was afraid that I would change my mind and would not be able to cover or remove the marks.  You do what you want, but if you chose not to mark, let me tell you to stitch the outside and the middle limbs first and then fill in the blank areas.

Ok, ya'll.  I hope you enjoy stitching block 11.  Let me know how it works for ya.  I would love to see them.  An emailed pic or one uploaded to the flickr group (see the link on the right sidebar). 

Happy Stitching!!!


Vivian said...

Love the new block just like the rest of them. I haven't thought to lay them out and analyze them like you did. Usually, I lay them out and move them around until I find a way that visually pleases me and don't worry about anything else. I did redo block 9 because I tried to layer two different colors of fabric for the tree. I used a blue background tree topped by a smaller green background tree. I decided they blended together too much so when I remade it, I made it in red. So when I lay them all out it may stick out like a sore thumb. I haven't appliqued the tree on yet, so I can change it easily if I need to.

Are you planning to suggest borders and/or sashings or are we on our own? Just curious. Really, I need all of the help I can get. lol Thanks.

Sue said...

It's been fun stitching your tree blocks each month, thank you so much for being so generous with them! Your tutorial on the new stitch this month is great, however, I can't hear you talking with your music playing. And I can't find how to turn off the music.

QuilterMary said...

I love all the trees together and I wouldn't "fill in" any spaces - that's part of the charm. Just arrange them so that those spaces are spread out.

PS ... LOVE the music on your blog!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am so sorry that I haven't kept up with the tree blocks. I have #1 and 2 in unfinished states :(
Will I ever have enough hours in the day???

Phyllis said...

Hi Molly,
I've just discovered you via Marlene at Stitching By The Lake.

I have saved all your free tree designs and will add them to my long list of projects.

I'm so glad I discovered your will provide more inspiration to me!

Tonya said...

love the new block, I've did all mine on my machine and honestly am lost on this one, i'm not sure how i'll make this one and my machine work together....i think all yours looks great together. i choose to use all the same it would look somewhat together.

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