Saturday, April 10, 2010


As promised, a group of pics from the East Texas Quilt Show in Tyler, Texas. If you have been to my Wacky Friends blogs, you have seen pics from this show, but I believe that I took pics of some that they did not. Interesting how different our tastes in quilt is. Sometimes we love the same quilts, sometimes not!

Beautiful blue Feathered Star - I am about to embarked on a project including a similar block, so was particularly interested in this.

Darling bunny quilt - but the quilting just made it sing.

Here is a close up so you can get an idea why I say that!

Simple 4 patch? Until you get to the border!

Simiple 9 patch - Again the quilting made the quilt.

This quilt screamed Easter - just love it! .You would never tire of making a quilt like this.

Spring Baskets - and beautiful quilting.

I want to make one of these some day when I grow up ~ It's a version of Log Cabin, but fabric placement is key!

A HUGE quilt

At On Point quilt that looks like a straight set??! Can you figure it out?

I love braid quilts. I have one started - LOL

9 Patch of reproductions fabrics with a patriotic border.

I just love this quilt. A simple 9 patch - but I love the on point set, the bordering of individual blocks and the vine border using the 9 patches as flowers. This sets this quilt off perfectly.

Baltimore Album - I will never make one but - so envy people who do!

Another - just look at the awards and ribbons.!

This is a 4 patch that looks oh so complicated - NOT

Simple Sweet heart quilt in pastels. Not a "me" quilt, but so appropriate for this time of year or a little girls bed. I have never had one of those, but I was one at one time .~~~~

This was my fav! Can you guess why? It's made of favorite western fabrics. The color is just fantastic!

We had such a great time! From left to right ---
Rhonda, Me, Annie, Jan (Kathleen's sister) Kathleen, and Kathy
Jerri and was with us in spirit.
ALL the gold is NOT in California! 



Lori said...

Molly, I just spent the longest time on your site. I'm so glad I found it! I'm a Texas girl and love western prints too. I would love to try my hand and make something similar to the western star quilt (I think the quilter called it the cowgirl wedding quilt?) from the show. Thanks again for a great site.


OH MY what beautiful quilts--makes one want to get right off the computer and back to stitching!!!I just learned how to do the braid strips--but had not seen one with two rows of braids--will have to look around and see how that is put together!!
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures--I just love them

Kathy said...

Now Molly! I was at that same show and I swear a few of those quilts I did NOT see. I thought I looked at all of them! hmmmmm.....and I hadn't even had a margarita yet!

Scrap, quilt and stitch said...

Thank you for these pictures . It was a great show !

golo8 said...

really enjoying your site... also am doing your Tree BOM.... I think I will get some western xmas fabric to border the blocks...

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt photos! Lots of talent in that show.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Lovely lovely quilts. How much fun this was.

--- Ruth --- RuRebo --- said...

I love your cute and crazy christmas trees patterns!

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