Monday, March 1, 2010


Kathy from Humble Quilter has finished and uploaded her block to our Flickr group.  I am amazed and excited about that.  It is just precious with the decorated pot and the star in a star for the topper.

Block two can now be downloaded.  The link is on the right sidebar.  I had a little trouble with this month's block.  I did it twice before I was happy with it and then took off the gifts at the bottom of the tree.  They just seemed like TOO MUCH for me to go with block one.  I did want these to be very very simple not only to appeal to beginners, but to be a very quick project that we could "get done" so we can feel good about ourselves.  It does make me feel good to finish something, doesn't it just do something for you?  I also wanted it to be a practise for embroidery stitches.  You  may not like some stitches, but you can do a few.  That is what you need for these blocks---just a few.

This is Block 2.  I opted to use cotton for the tree skirt for this one as I had this little tree print that I thought looked cute for it.  You can use a wool for yours and a blanket stitch--it will look great!!
I suggest that you use as many strands of floss as you can in your needle as the thicker the thread, the showier your block will be.  I used two strands of a thick cotton for this block and then wrapped the trunk in an over and under fashion.  I satin stitched the tips of the top star for one reason only.  I always have trouble with star tips looking good when I used a blanket stitch.  This fixes that problem and I like the look.  Remember that the General Instructions is in the original post which is what you get when you click the sidebar button.  Then you can access each block from the links underneath the button.  If you need help with embroidery stitches I have listed some links on my sidebar for that too.  I hope if you take my pattern that you will at least leave me a comment and I would really appreciate you taking my TREE TIME button and placing on YOUR sidebar to help get the word around.  Also--go by the Flickr group and look at the blocks and we would really love to see yours there too.  Remember--it is a quick and easy block to do.  If there is something about this block you don't like---CHANGE IT!  MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!               See ya on FLICKR.  As Kathy says: 



Betweens said...

what a great looking tree.. these patterns are just so cute Molly. Great Idea

Helle said...

Wow a cute tree Molly - Can´t wait to sew it.
Hugs, Helle

Rhonda said...

Too cute Molly!!!!

Kathy said...

Just tooooo cute. So prim and reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I've got the patten drawn on fabric and ready to stitch. This is really fun! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Pat said...

I put the button on my sidebar and printed out pattern #2. Can I ask what you are using when you trace your pattern on the fabric...pencil...a marker? (Maybe you said this earlier and I missed it.)

Debi said...

Very cute trees Molly, I am so ready for spring!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I just came across this via Pat's blog and love these BOM's, I'm horrible at hand stitching, but I think I can make it work with my machine. I'll play with it a bit today.

CLaudine said...

Me voilà partie dans l'aventure avec vous. Le premier bloc est terminé, les autres vont suivre. C'est très agréable à réaliser, merci !

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