Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tree Time and Row by Row Show and Tell

I've been working on my row by row group strip.  My paper pieced cows now have ears, tails, and udders.   I sure hope I made the best choice for my first strip.  We will see-----

You can see the other cow's tail, the swing and the applique tree sections that softened the sharp edges of the pieced tree.  The rope of the swing helped hide a seam between two sky sections.

In case you don't recognize it, this is a block 2 of Tree Time Block of the Month.  I have been encouraging you to "make it your own"---remember?  This is a changed one.  The tree is 3 strands of embroidery floss, the skirt fabric is the same, but I used the Buttonhole Stitich instead of appliquing it--same French Knots for fringe.  For the string of lights, I used several stitches.  A tiny chain using 1 strand of floss is the cord.  A Bullion Stitch surrounded by a Lazy Daisy Stitch for the bulbs--oh and a cute little French Knot for the glow on the end.  I made this February block more February by putting a couple of hearts on the tree and one in the tree topper star.  I am working on a wool version of block 3 so I can show you how that will look.  Try you hand at hand embroidery.  You just might love it.  I have renewed my love for handwork.  See the sidebar for the button--one click will take you to the original post where you will find a link to the general directions.  Blocks #1 and #2 links are on the sidebar under the button.



Pat said...

Love how the string of lights looks in your new version of Block 2. I sent my blogging friend, Tonya, to your trees and she did both already. I am still working on's not hard, I just haven't had time to sit with it yet. *sigh*

Kathy said...

LOVE your ears and udders you added!

Also like the different version of the tree. The hearts are really cute.

moramargaritaster said...

I like the new tree pattern,it`s lovely.

Have awarm weekend.

Quilter Kathy said...

I finally bought a background to get going on my block #1~
Love the new tree :)

Karin aus Ö said...

dear molly, the second tree is fantastic, I've done the first one, you can see it in my blog(sorry my bad english)

love from austria Karin

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

i love this version of the second block, i can't wait for #3

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Molly these projects are really coming along. Good for you. It is fun to catch up with you and see what you are working on.

Helle said...

The trees is amazing - have drawn the trees on the fabric - just have to add some applique and then starts to stitch... will be fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Molly, Thank you for the Tree BOM's! I look forward to trying them! I like your blog very much!

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