Thursday, February 18, 2010

On A Roll---A Roll of Binding, that Is!! Plus a Little More Stuff

Decided to put on a binding this morning that I have been putting off for "oh so long".  I looked in my box of left over binding pieces and found a perfect roll of perfectly sized binding that looks so perfect for my western strip quilt.  I love it when that happens.  I always save leftover pieces of binding because scrappy binding is just about my favorite.  Maybe because I can use the leftovers---and avoid making more LOL--who knows!  Here iit is as I found it and it is now on my quilt and ready for stitching tonight during TV time.

A Row by Row group challenge--I make my first row then others in the group will make one.  Here is mine before stitching some embroidered flowers etc. on it. 

I have been looking at row quilts on different internet photo sites.  There are some neat ones out there.  This one, for Halloween, I thought was especially neat.  Look at the little ghost nestled in all the candy cane pieces in the border!  Also, the flashlights are really imaginative, I think.  The way that they are shining in different directions--love it!

A little closer look--

I have organized all my Block of the Month patterns into a large notebook.  I include my patterns, directions, fabrics chosen and then put my blocks in as I finish them.  I also put my fabric blocks ready to stitch in and my sketches for my own designs.  I love looking through and adding ideas as I get them.

This is a glue product that I found at WalMart the other day.  I had not seen it before.  It has a fine and wider tip and claims to be a "no wrinkle" product.  I am sure this refers to paper, but I am hoping it will be wonderful for fabric applique.  I will report to you later and let you know if it works better than a regular glue stick.  It is a liquid product.

Do you wear Mary Kay eye shadow?  I do and I came up with an idea to use these little plastic containers that the eye shadow comes in.  They are about 2 x 2 inches. 

I cut my embroidery needles as they were in the package--out in the exact right size to fit in the container.  Then-----

I also cut out the information from the front of the package out and placed it on the top of the outside.  I have several of these with different kinds of needles in them and I can always get to my needles easily and know what kind they are.  Justa little idea I had.  I am sure there are other containers that would work just as well as these.

Just one more thing.  I am about to start my "Snow Bound" Block of the Month by Anne Sutten and Bunny Hill Designs.  I have these two fabrics that I am trying to decide on.  Which one do you think I should use?  I am leaning towards the Blue.  I think with white snowmen, the group of blocks would look richer, don't you?  Give me your 2 cents.  Please.

Don't forget to get your Block One pattern of my Tree Time Block of the Month.  All you have to do is click "Block One" on my sidebar.  For the directions for the series, click the sidebar button and it will take you to the original post.  You will find the link there. 




Rhonda said...

Looking good Molly!!

Pat said...

I love it when I find something in my scraps (binding scraps or regular scraps) that is READY for me to use....such a timesaver. I, too, love scrappy bindings. Do let us know about that new glue you discovered.

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