Monday, July 20, 2009

I picked up my newest issue of "Quilters Home" magazine this morning and took to it outside with me (the one left is the June/July issue and not the newest Aug/Sept issue). My goal was to sit in the swing and read as the electricity was off from 5 am until noon. I swear I don't know how our grandparents survived without it. No lights, no air conditioners, no telephones or computers, no stoves, refrigerators, or microwaves. I guess you don't miss what you never had. But hell, I've had em!!
Anyway, back to the magazine. What caught my eye on the cover was "Mark's Posse test Embroidery Floss". I did not realize there are so many brands of floss. If you haven't picked up this issue, you should and read the complete article. It is very enlightening. I cannot begin to touch of all the flosses he tested, but the one that I was most interested in was a floss that not only got all scores of 5, the best possible score, but is produced by a company that was started by two avid reproduction stitchers who couldn't find authentic colors in avaialble flosses. It is the first company to specialize in in over-dyed threads with a faded, aged look. Mark says he posse went "GAGA" over Gentle Art's embroidery floss. Comments from Posse members were "God, I could see myself cross-stitching again" and "it's silky smooth and sits well on the fabric". I did a search and came up with this site. This pic is just ONE colorway. There are so so many. SO SO MANY!!!
Well, back to my order. I gotta have a few of these skeins. They are so so me. I love me some me threads!!! Just a FYI from me to you. A 'HEADS UP'. Just for you ~~~~~~~from me. Remember they are all 5's.

One other thread that was tested and sounds really great is one called Weeks. The Posse gave it all 5's and one 4.5. They said is doesn't have a good "fondle factor", "but once on the fabric, it looks exquistie!" Another comment was, "I like the way it sounds going through the fabric". I have to hear that!!

I have tried Valdani and I have to say that I do love it. It comes in lucious colors and some in a varigated that gives your piece some real interest. This one was not tested, except by me and I give it a 5-5-5 all the way! See all the colors here. It comes in 3 strand floss and Pearl cotton. I like the matt finish of the 3 strand floss, but to each his own. Go HERE to see the many wonderful collections of colors. YUMMY!! I guess I have rattled long enough about embroidery thread---see ya!



Kathy said...

Sew glad you posted about this article! I subscribe to Quilters Home and just LOVE this magazine. I know you love you some embroidery threads just like I do. Sorry you were without electricity. We were without at work and I was scramblin' to come up with meals for the homebound clients -- A sack lunch!!!

Rhonda said...

My Aunt Pinky was into flosses & had about 9 different brands. She loved handword & would show me hoping I'd take to that aspect....didn't happen but that was the first time I realized there were more than 2 types. Great post, Molly!
Take care.

Pat said...

I had no idea there were so many brands of floss, either. Thanks for sharing this info.

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