Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bunny Hill Blocks of the Month--#6 is Finito!!

Another fun Bunny Hill Block is finished! I am enjoying these so much. I chose 2 shades of brown rick rack interwoven for the handle this time. Wool is the flower centers. French knots embelish the flower centers and the daisy strip of embroidery that stretches across the top. If you look close you can see that the fabric I used has a tiny LadyBug on it and I fussy cut the fabric so that Miss Ladybug is sitting just perfectly on the flower petal. I didn't use any vintage buttons on this block as I could not seem to find the perfect place for them. I considered the corners where the handle and the basket meet, but it just looked a bit much to me. What do you think? Do you it is complete, or could it use some buttons?

ON TO #7--JULY--Then I will be caught up. Get busy on yours now. See the Bunny Hill button on the sidebar.



Pat said...

I love it just as it is! I don't think it needs buttons. I'm busy this week with my 5-year old granddaughter here on her "vacation" with but tiring (for ME). LOL

mickie said...

It looks great but I agree it doesn't need buttons, I like it as it is! It's fantastic!

Kathy said...

Molly, I love it! You are doing so good staying caught up with this BOM. I am BEHIND! You are inspiring me to get my BIG SELF busy and get caught up.

Nope, it don't need no buttons (oh what bad grammar...hehehehe)

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